What is Web Hosting? – ThisHosting.Rocks

What is Web Hosting? – ThisHosting.Rocks

Web hosting is when a provider makes a site available for online viewing by allocating server space to store the site files. A server hosts every website you’ve ever accessed, including this one.

The hosting type determines the available storage space. Dedicated hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting, and reseller hosting are the main types. They differ in the software used, the additional services available and the management level provided.

People buy or rent space from a web hosting provider to host one or more websites on the internet. This is web hosting in a nutshell. Content such as images, CSS and HTML must be stored on a server. If not, it cannot be seen online.

Why is web hosting important?

Reliable hosting is crucial if you want to build an online presence. There are myriad types of web hosting available these days, ranging from expensive specialized business services to free offers with limited options. People and organizations choose plans primarily based on their goals and budget.

Fast loading speeds and reliable access should be a top priority for companies. Business and sales leads today come primarily from online presence, and prospects aren’t waiting for your website to load.

It would be a mistake to assume that all hosting options are fundamentally the same. The type of hosting plan you choose will dictate how server resources will be divided. The distinction between hosting plans is no different than finding office space. You need to ask yourself if you are expecting a lot of visitors and if you want to expand quickly. Would you like little space or would you prefer to rent the entire building?

These are nowhere near the only considerations. Where are the rooms? How easy are they to get to? How much do they cost in total? What additional functions do they have? Are there extras like high-speed web access or a whiteboard? All of these factors will help you figure out what you need and what type of office is right for you.

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Hosting types


Within a virtual private server (VPS), users are isolated from one another. You can customize as you want as you are not dependent on the other users.

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Shared hosting

This is no different than renting a workstation. They share the storage space on the server and have the basic needs. If you are a blogger with a small website, this is the best option.

Reseller hosting

This type allows you to use your allotted bandwidth and storage space to host a website for a third party. They are effectively “selling” storage space.

Cloud hosting

This species has become very popular in recent years as it runs on numerous interconnected servers and offers a reliable, scalable, and affordable web infrastructure. Typically, cloud hosting plans offer better performance and control over your server. This makes this type of hosting the go-to place for large companies.

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Special hosting

After all, dedicated hosting is best for websites that are looking for world-class performance and reliability, analogous to renting the entire office building. A single user controls all of the storage space. You have to take full advantage of it to justify the investment.