Twitch Begins Beta-Testing Multiplayer Ads

Twitch Begins Beta-Testing Multiplayer Ads

The streaming platform Twitch started beta testing a new interactive ad that offers multiplayer ads this week.

All viewers on a live stream will see the same ad, followed by a poll about the ad. Every vote in this survey releases bits – virtual goods that streamers financially support on the platform – for the creator of the livestream and promotes engagement for brands and creators.

According to Twitch, multiplayer ads build on shared livestream experiences, drive engagement, and provide advertisers with information on attendees preferences.

The platform said in a help post: “Multiplayer ads are a new type of interactive video ad that is currently in closed beta. When you run a multiplayer ad on your channel, many of your viewers will see the same ad at the same time. As part of this shared experience, these viewers can then vote in an interactive real-time poll. For every vote in the poll, Twitch will reward the creator and there will be a special channel celebration. “

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