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The world has come a long way since the human mind invented the computer. The way people consume media and information has seen some revolutionary changes. And in 2020 we are here with “Podcasts”. For anyone looking to study on the go, these podcasts are quick on the way up. These are essentially audio clips that add knowledge to the listener from the start. If you’re new to the podcasting world or want to get started right away, you’re in luck. In this blog, we are going to help you find the best podcasts to listen to in 2020 from different categories.

Podcasts have a wide range of audiences and content, so you’re never the only one looking for something. From business to health to celebrities and crime in another nation, podcasts have it all. Many podcasts see the content that is being published differently. Choosing the one that perfectly fits your description can take a while. With these podcasts from below, you can take a quick peek into the world of podcasts. These podcasts range from a short minute to an hour long conversation with your favorite personality and are sure to keep you busy.

Business has become an obsessive topic in the modern world. Thousands of speakers, influencers, business people and investors immersed themselves in the world of podcasts. Helping individuals and listeners gain insight and understand the thought processes behind some of the biggest names and brands in the industry. These podcasts are specially designed for those who have a passion to grow and be successful.

Truepush (Marketing)


Truepush happens to be one of the leading push notification platforms enabling more than 20,000 businesses to increase customer loyalty and loyalty. Also, create quality blogs like this one for those who pursue knowledge and want to stay one step ahead of the competition. Truepush offers a wide variety of podcasts with industry leaders from renowned brands for all types of business enthusiasts. From startup trips to global brand insights, you can find it all here.

Money for the rest of us (finance)

Money for the rest of us

If you’re not the type to get out there and get your hands dirty, but prefer to have your money on the couch, you need to be a finance enthusiast. And for all of your financial advice and tips, “Money for the Rest of Us” can be your goal. That helps millions of people around the world manage their money and make it permanent.

If you are an ordinary person, your days must start with news around the world. The world is a busy place, a lot happens and there is always more to see and know. Many platforms serve news as the main hub, and podcasts are no different. People from all over the world listen to them to get all the information they need about their particular interests along the way.

The daily

the daily

We have all heard the name “The New York Times” at least once, wherever you are in the world. It is one of the most famous and influential media brands. It is well known for its high quality newspapers. The best in the world are now also offering podcasts to get people all the news they need in a subtle audio format called “The Daily”. It puts the New York Times reputation on the podcasts making the experience more reliable and direct. The show is hosted by Michael Barbaro, a well-known American journalist.

Technology is built into almost everything we touch. The world is developing rapidly and so is technology. Every day there is a new invention, a new solution, a new method. Every wish is fulfilled and every wish is fulfilled with the help of technology. Even in the toughest of times, technology has helped us make it. There are hundreds of solutions to each of our problems, we just aren’t aware of them.



There are many changes in the world and in technology. Keeping up with the pace can be very difficult at times. Especially when you consider how busy and hectic human life has become. Vergecast, a podcast show from popular tech blog The Verge, offers a disrespectful and informative look at what’s happening and what’s to come in the world of technology and gadgets. It’s a one-stop shop for understanding all of your tech news.

Health is more important than ever. The pandemic has really shown how lively things are in our lives. The human body is the most complex thing in the universe with so much and yet so little knowledge about it. And keeping it healthy is our job. Prevention is better than cure, which is always true. Many health care tips, guidelines, remedies, and much more are shared with people around the world on various platforms where the podcasts have become an integral part.



Hurdle is a podcast show that revolves around the health of the human body. This show features the people who went through tough times in their lives by incorporating wellness into their routines. In this modern world where fear, pressure, and obscene competition are mounting, wellness in all its forms is an exit. This show brings you stories from people around the world, the lessons they learned and, hopefully, the stimulus you’ve been looking for to lead healthier, happier, more motivated lives.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest,” as the great Benjamin Franklin quotes. Couldn’t be truer. As the world is growing fast and knowledge is at its peak, it is important to learn as much as you can in order to stay in the flow of life. Many institutions and education agencies focus on spreading knowledge among individuals through various platforms that other inspirational figures have partnered with through media such as the podcast to spread knowledge.

99% invisible

99% invisibleThere are many thoughts that occupy us all day. Many ideas arise from things that we see and notice, but all of these thoughts are simply lost along the way. Bury your imagination. 99% Invisible is a podcast show that is about the thoughts that flow into the things we don’t think about, the unnoticed architecture and design that shape our world. If you want to stand out from the crowd when it comes to knowledge, this podcast is your best bet.

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Truepush is a leading push notification platform enabling more than 20,000 businesses to improve customer loyalty and loyalty.

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