Top 10 paywall services to look forward to in 2020


It used to be pretty easy, at least for print journalism. Standard advertising and strong subscription rates were the way to ensure revenue and successful sales projections. However, since the digital age, things have gotten a lot more complicated. Older media companies have no choice but to adapt to the modern environment. Making money from computerized content is not always child’s play. First, there are some obstacles like reduced click rates or ad blocking. But, There is also additional competition to beat in order to stay on top while increasing your sales when paywalls step in.

A paywall is a website feature introduced by digital publishers that involves an exchange of values ​​to access subscriber content or experiences. In general, income from paying subscriptions is the ultimate goal of publishers. However, paywalls can be used by providing an exchange of values ​​to gradually access content.

Paywalls often help publishers target audience, generate recurring revenue versus advertising, while also enabling the publishing world to add more value to their content.

A hard paywall prohibits guests from viewing content without a subscription. The hard paywall can be the most difficult, but also the riskiest, to circumvent. There are unusually sustainable, hard paywalls that are often used by publishers who already control their markets, target a niche audience, and / or add value to their content.

Based on the requirements set by the online publisher, users can access certain digital content free of charge via a soft paywall. This strategy allows visitors to experience the quality of the content before they have to sign up.

The most common form of soft paywall are

1. Freemium Paywall

A reverse paywall or freemium model should be considered for publications targeting a smaller audience, as free and paid access are separated by content type rather than number of visits.

2. Measured paywall

A metered paywall usually allows access before requesting a subscription for a certain number of items per month. To maximize subscription conversions for their audience, publishers should test the number of articles they are offering.

Top 10 Paywall Services for Publishers

Pelcro is one of the most advanced dynamic paywalls that is responsive to users’ behavior, location and device. It helps companies manage their subscriptions and grow their market.

Within minutes you can launch the most advanced paywall or premium paywall measurement and audience segments with various plans and A / B test plans. It is also easy to integrate and affordable at the same time.

Laterpay’s versatile paywall model makes it easy for Business Publishers to monetize digital content at scale and generate additional sales by increasing subscriptions. It works well with the existing traditional paywall features to grow your customer base and best adapts to your business needs.

The company claims to increase sales through a “Pay Later” feature called a dynamic paywall. Basically, users can access free content until their payout reaches $ 5 or more. With this, LaterPay claims to multiply its sales by 2.5 times.

The Multipub Paywall is highly scalable and customized to be better suited for consumer and newspaper publishers, as well as any organization that sells goods by subscription. It works to monitor and implement paywalls, gather data for your next audit, assess your target audience and renewal rates, and handle events all in one

With Multipub you can view data at the person level and get a 360 ° view of every customer. Access to this type of information increases productivity, helps you evaluate level of engagement, and better plan your sales and marketing activities.

Piano Media helps you provide and handle various exchanges of value with your guests in return for access to premium content, offers and experiences. You can use this to seamlessly control business laws, customers and access rights across different channels. It also offers robust reporting capabilities for user control and analysis.

Piano helps publishers develop personalized digital interactions and business relationships with consumers. It helps develop subscription plans and helps them increase their conversion by personalizing their goals.

Leaky Paywall is the first and most customizable WordPress paywall designed to maximize your visitor traffic, email lists, paid subscriptions, and donations. Leaky Paywall allows publishers to tailor their promotions to reflect consumer content. In addition, the add-on features include tools for multi-site access, campaign management, and reporting.

Zlick has continuously multiplied both subscription income and the purchase of a single post. It consists of a built-in feature that allows users to see the brief description of the post and then prompt them to subscribe. The key to success is as simple as having easy access to paid content when the reader’s interest is highest.

Zlick’s analytical dashboard contains conversion metrics and suggestions for optimizing sales potential. It has a simple integration kit that allows you to take advantage of the benefits without complex IT overhead.

Fortumo’s PayRead is a subscription approach to websites and mobile apps. The company charges customers for their SIM cards. Fortumo claims that card purchases create friction when consumers take multiple actions to make a payment. While SIM card payments are quick, easy to use, easy and convenient. PayRead has been integrated with over 350 telecommunications operators around the world to provide seamless services.

Zuora is the industry leader in subscription-based subscription strategies and has been responsible for the idea of ​​a subscription economy for years. It develops custom applications for businesses to start their subscription business. It also helps them initiate and maintain the subscription campaign and manage the entire customer lifecycle of the company. With Zuora, publishers earn global payments that can be rated by users to improve overall performance.

Recurly is enterprise-grade subscription management software that reduces the complexity of subscription management to maximize and automate revenue growth. It uses an open platform approach to quickly connect to a wide variety of back office systems. Not only does Recurly enable simple and scalable custom integration, it also offers powerful out-of-the-box integrations with enterprise applications such as Salesforce, NetSuite and Avalara to add value through end-to-end automation of billing events throughout the customer lifecycle.

MemberGate is the premier membership website solution. It’s a complete, all-in-one solution for creating, managing, and managing a successful subscription website. And it includes all of the resources you need to be successful, including auto-publishing, membership management powerhouses, subscription management, suspicious behavior monitoring, and transaction management.


Paywall is a pretty efficient way of restricting access to some sections or all of the content, thus allowing paid subscriptions. This allows content providers to generate an additional source of profit.

You can change the way you influence your current audience by introducing a paywall. This also changes the way you approach your brand in finding new audiences. After placing it in the gateway, make sure that the paywall has an impact on your operations.

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