TikTok to White Hats: Hack Away

TikTok to White Hats: Hack Away

TikTok explained how it works with third-party researchers, often referred to as “white hat hackers”, to find potential vulnerabilities on its platform.

Suhana Hyder and Ben Liu from TikTok’s global security team said in a blog post that the company is actively promoting the efforts of these external researchers as part of its security strategy, adding, “If a security researcher detects a vulnerability in our security and notifies us, we can Fix problem before it is exploited by a malicious actor. “

Policies and procedures for third parties who discover potential vulnerabilities within the TikTok platform and a way to report them can be found here. The company can request more information.

Hyder and Liu said TikTok plans to expand collaboration with third-party researchers in the coming weeks.