Tik Tok Still Ticking, Quest 2 Reviews Are In

Tik Tok Still Ticking, Quest 2 Reviews Are In

Trump was infected with coronavirus. Ironic for a person who is not bound by the laws of man or nature. So I doubt the rumors he is faking it, but so many crazy things have happened. Tech headlines were low this week, which doesn’t mean we don’t have much to discuss.

DULUTH, MN – SEPTEMBER 30 – President Trump visited Duluth on Wednesday September 30, 2020 as one of … [+] Several campaign stops in Minnesota that day. The President spoke at Duluth International Airport from around 8 p.m. The campaign rally takes place just 24 hours after the first presidential debate in Cleveland. (Photo by Alex Kormann / Star Tribune via Getty Images)

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US judge stops Trump’s TikTok ban hours before it should start The sale period of November 13th remains in force.

Whistle Out released the results of a survey that found the majority of social media users believed they were being spied on. One in five thinks Facebook should be banned. While the company is trying to mitigate the unintended consequences of its algorithms, I think its fiercest critics are right.

What if I told you in 2000 that twenty years from now, advertising recommendation algorithms would become mind controlled? We will willingly submit to this mind control in order to reap the short-lived benefits of small dopamine hits. What if I said you longed for these meager benefits? You would be practically addicted. A prisoner. What if I said that the satisfaction of this desire is controlled by a decabillionaire, a private individual? And this private individual only claims that he has the right to control his creation, even though he is not selected by the public but is accountable to anybody through the occasional use of his company’s free products by consumers and not to anyone. Would you have agreed with that? Neither do I, if you put it that way.

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We check our social media feeds dozen of times a day.


I know I said Tik Tok was another Trump distraction, but the more I think about it, the more I think he’s actually into something, albeit for the wrong reason, of course: He wants another K. -Prevent pop parody. But Facebook and Google are not kind goalkeepers. They are for-profit companies that are not accountable to anyone. And Bytedance (owner of Tik Tok) is accountable to the Chinese government.

At the same time, Facebook is a driving force, announcing that 2.5 million voters are registered who are decidedly leaning to the right. Snap also registered another million voters. And more than half of Snap’s registrants are first-time voters. 80 percent are under 30 years old. Snap is also very popular in southern and sun belt states like Texas. They lean to the left.

The Quest 2 reviews are in and they are mostly positive. Here is our attitude. The most important thing, the resolution, has been addressed and they have brought the price down from $ 100 to $ 299. So I would recommend it without hesitation. BUT the harness sucks so you’ll need the optional Elite harness.

The new VR universe Sensorium Galaxy, supported by Russian billionaire Sergei Polunin, announced a partnership with dance music impresario David Guetta to create Prism World. The virtual venue will open in the first half of 2021.


VR Magicians Adam Cheyer (Co-Founder Siri & Viv Labs), Curtis Hickman (CCO & Co-Founder The … [+] VOID), Simon Pierro (The Digital Magician) and Laura Mingail

Wizard in VR

Magicians in VR will take to the digital stage in AltspaceVR on Wednesday, October 7th at 4 p.m. EST / 1 p.m. PST – accessible in VR and in 2D mode for PC and Mac.

Hapt X is building a full-body exoskeleton with a grant from Virginia Tech and U. Florida.

The Platform starred in Steve Aoki’s concert at Oculus Venues.

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