The Holiday Ads Are Here; 2020 Was Twitter’s Election: Tuesday’s First Things First

The Holiday Ads Are Here; 2020 Was Twitter’s Election: Tuesday's First Things First

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Coca-Cola, Disney & Aldi debut heartwarming Christmas ads

A father takes a heroic journey to the North Pole in Coca-Cola’s Epic 2020 Holiday Ad

Ahead of what is likely to be a massive holiday season for advertisers – and one that will “be more meaningful than ever” – the world’s biggest brands have started running their high-dollar Christmas ads. The launch of Coca-Cola is a full-fledged adventure with a father traveling from England to the North Pole to deliver his daughter’s letter to Santa Claus. We got a bit of foggy eyes when we saw the spot created by Wieden + Kennedy London.

Disney’s Christmas ad tells a generational story of family love

Disney’s healthy, familiar tear catcher, which was created in-house and animated by Flux, tells a story about a grandmother, a granddaughter and holiday traditions as well as a beloved Mickey Mouse toy for generations. The campaign is also linked to the brand’s partnership with Make-A-Wish. See the ad here.

Aldis Kevin the Carrot returns in a heartwarming Christmas display

For a dumber promotional experience – but one that is just as adorable and adventurous – get the latest from the Aldi supermarket chain. The brand has revived its iconic character Kevin the Carrot, who has been a staple of their vacation spots since 2016. He takes Kevin on a snowy tour with a hedgehog friend while his cute carrot family waits for his return. Guess who comes to her rescue – 80s movie style?

Twitter played a key role in setting the voting tone with a reversal of its previous hands-off approach to misinformation, particularly from President Donald Trump. Although the brand previously allowed Trump to tweet without interference, his account is now littered with labels and warnings of inaccuracies and unproven claims that violate Twitter guidelines. It even restricted the visibility of certain posts under a new policy.

Twitter’s moderation strategy sets it apart from other platforms and is at odds with Trump’s strategies.

Also in election updates:

  • In Georgia, political ads continue to run through the channels while two Senate runoff races continue to rage. After November 3, $ 1 million was spent on campaigning for the two seats that could determine which part controls the Senate.
  • “In the face of Trump’s barrage, Biden ran the ultimate purpose-driven campaign,” argues SS + K’s Rob Shepardson. In this voice piece, Shepardson explains how Biden made the campaign about vision, values ​​and substance.

Shortly after Zaxby’s announced that it was gearing up for the Chicken Sandwich Wars, McDonald’s unveiled another competitor with a revamped recipe for its crispy chicken sandwich. Additionally, the company announced a plant-based burger option called McPlant that will be tested next year.

Find out what’s different about the chicken sandwich and check out the ads for the two new products.

More current news and highlights:

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