The Best Music for Advertising Videos

The Best Music for Advertising Videos

The best music for promotional videos

In today’s Internet age, advertising means everything. If you own a product and expect it to perform well in the marketplace, a good advertising campaign can go a long way in helping your brand not only sell but also make a lasting impact on consumers.

Advertising comes in all flavors, print and digital. In the past few decades, visual advertising has become increasingly important to the survival of the brand. Video advertising is everywhere, from television to online streaming platforms to pre- and post-movie movies. Advertising rules social media too, popping up between you every now and then as you casually scroll through your Facebook and Instagram feeds.

What makes a good advertisement?

While good production certainly goes a long way, music is just as important in getting the audience to see your advertisement. A good advertising campaign needs an engaging, high quality review that can entice and encourage audiences to try your product.

Aside from a successful media campaign, a memorable music track ensures that the product stays in the audience’s mind long after the ad has appeared. It is only possible if the tone of the music matches or enhances the graphic shown in the video.

The advertising industry has long relied on jingles and personalized songs, which prove problematic for both producers and editors. Fortunately, in recent years, the option of stock or production music has become popular. Some services specialize in providing large music libraries for you to choose from. This music was created specifically for use in video content such as advertising.

Finding good music for your ad campaign

Music websites like FirstCom Music have great music for ads and commercials. Music cataloged on these websites is produced specifically for use in media projects such as film, television, advertising, etc. You can either purchase individual titles or license titles for use in one or more ads for a fixed fee.

These websites allow you to purchase music that perfectly matches the tone and message of your advertisement and that multiplies the impact on the audience. You can search for a music genre, album, artist or mood, etc. Most of the services offer an in-depth analysis of the music pieces so that you can judge whether or not it goes well with the content of your video.

Commercial music services

The services that provide music for media use are often classified as free and paid services. Depending on your project needs and the allocated budget, you can choose a one-time commercial license or a recurring license fee to accommodate multiple projects. Commercial music services cater to the needs of large and small branded companies and may offer packages with license fees. It is also possible to get royalty-free music and free to use music for your advertising needs.

Some of the commercial music services include:

  • Firstcom: Firstcom offers a wide range of music for commercial use. The music library contains music from a variety of genres. With the advanced keyword search, you can easily find the title of your choice.
  • Art List: This service meets the needs of advertisers by providing thousands of tracks and sound effects that can be used commercially. Unlimited usage and unlimited downloads are some of the featured features.
  • FreeAdMusic: FreeAdMusic offers music tailored for advertising campaigns.
  • Epidemic sound: In addition to non-commercial music, Epidemic Sound also offers music for advertising and other commercial purposes.
  • Dig CC Mixter: If you are looking for a music collection that is free for commercial use, Dig CC Mixter is a great option.