Social Media Video Tips & Strategies

Social Media Video Tips & Strategies

There are so many elements in social media videos including subtitles, length, details, and sound. Essentially, you are trying to convey a lot of information in a few seconds. But if you do it well, you will see greater engagement and build better rapport with your audience.

This is where you can find all the resources you need from basics of creating a social video strategy to analyzing your results to refining your approach.

Social Media Video Basics

There are a few different ways you can approach your social media video content. But how will your audience have a coherent understanding between your images and video content? What is your main goal when creating videos? These articles will help you fuel and grow your overall strategy.

Know your social media video specifications

First, you need to learn the specifications, sizes, dimensions, and proportions of all of your social media videos. This also includes your social media ad videos. We provide our always up-to-date guide to social media video specifications and video ad sizes.

Development of a successful video strategy

Creating video content can be difficult and requires more production and editing resources. Break down the key steps you need to follow to get started planning and creating beautiful videos.

Content tips for social media videos

Get inspiration on how to refine your strategy and make your videos stand out from the crowd while video content continues to take over social feeds. Read these tips to improve your overall strategy from content creation to measuring success.

Social media video ideas that appeal to customers

If you’re just starting out with a social strategy or have been following a particular approach for a while, you may need fresh inspiration. Check out these campaigns that use different video strategies to get customers.

Instagram video tips

Instagram is increasingly reliant on videos. With Stories, IGTV and Instagram Live as well as standard feed videos, the network is about expanding the role of video content. Don’t let all of these options overwhelm you – check out these resources to see how you can easily incorporate IG content into your strategy.

Instagram Video Marketing: How To Be Successful

With the rapid adoption of video content on Instagram, the network has provided marketers with numerous opportunities for engagement. In this post, we’ll explore what makes Instagram unique among other video platforms, and provide tips on how to get more people to interact with your content.

Instagram video ad tips that will delight your audience

Using video for Instagram ads is a great way to get users to stop scrolling and engage with your content. However, most users keep scrolling when they see “Sponsored” or when your content isn’t catchy. Here are five tips for creating Instagram video ads.

Use Instagram Stories for more brand awareness

Instagram Stories users continue to grow and it is quickly becoming the go-to place for “in-the-moment content”. Whether you want to promote or post organic content, it is smart to use an Instagram story strategy to increase brand awareness.

What brands should know about IGTV

Instagram allows brands and users to access longer video formats with Instagram TV. Learn how brands can use this format to post more detailed and intriguing videos and differentiate themselves from standard feed content.

Run a successful Instagram live stream

Live streams are a great way to get the attention of the audience’s Instagram feeds. Learn how to prepare for a successful livestream and promote your content as part of an ongoing post-event strategy.

Facebook video tips

Video content on Facebook is a great way to raise awareness of your organic and paid content. Facebook also offers several ways to highlight video content, from live streams to video ads. These articles provide tips for your strategy.

Tips for Facebook Live for Business

One of the most unique ways to connect with your audience is through live video streams. Setting up a successful live stream can be intimidating. So, follow these important tips to keep your next live event running smoothly.

Create Great Facebook Video Ads

Video is a great way to reach Facebook audiences through paid social networks. Learn how to create the most compelling ads on the platform and get the most out of your paid social budget.

YouTube video tips

As the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube is home to social media video content. Your approach on YouTube is different compared to other social media platforms. So if you’re just starting out, these resources will help you incorporate it into your social strategy.

How to Create a Business YouTube Account

You must first learn how to properly set up a YouTube business account before you start posting any content. By creating a detailed channel presence, you can tweak content as soon as you’re ready. This guide will walk you through how to set up business pages, channels, and more.

How to Promote Your YouTube Channel Like a Pro

If your video content isn’t performing as well as you’d like on YouTube, it may be time to re-evaluate your strategy. Fortunately, we’ve put together a great guide on how to promote your YouTube with helpful tips and resources to get more out of the channel.

YouTube analysis for social media marketers

Once you’ve produced and published your YouTube video content, it’s time to analyze it. By analyzing your YouTube analytics, you can better understand what is resonating with your audience or what type of content works best organically. Read our guide to YouTube analytics for social media marketers!