Reddit Bans r/donaldtrump Community

Reddit Bans r/donaldtrump Community

The community is not an official subreddit of outgoing President Donald Trump.

Reddit took similar steps in late June, banning around 2,000 subreddits, including r / The_Donald. Co-founder and CEO Steve Huffman said at the time that the community consistently promoted and supported more illegal content than average communities and their moderators. “Refused to meet our most basic expectations. “

Regarding r / donaldtrump, Reddit said the subreddit had been banned for repeated violations of the glorification and incitement to violence, and its moderators had received multiple warnings.

A Reddit spokesperson said, “Reddit’s statewide policy prohibits content that promotes hatred or promotes, glorifies, encourages or encourages violence against groups of people or individuals. Accordingly, we have proactively reached out to moderators to remind them of our guidelines and offer support or resources if needed. We have also taken action to ban the R / Donald Trump community as there have been repeated violations of policies related to the violence in the U.S. Capitol in the past few days. “