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Realtors Are Becoming Hyperlocal Influencers Thanks to These Social Media Tips

Jun 24

At a time when most industries are hobbling out of the pandemic, business for many real estate professionals is booming. Their tool of choice? Social media. The strategy? It’s called hyperlocal real estate marketing. 

While it may sound like a mouthful, hyperlocal real estate marketing is simply the narrowing down of a location to it’s most specific areas. For example, a user would type in a typical search phrase like “real estate White Plains” on a search engine.

The problem with this short search phrase is that one: it’s very broad. White Plains has about 35 neighborhoods and if you’re not familiar with the area, you’re basically flying blind.

The next issue you’ll face is that the search results for these types of phrases are dominated by big box sites like

To avoid those broad and typically more expensive listings, consumers are drilling down on a much more local level, or hyperlocal. That’s where the sweet deals can be found. This type of search would entail using a phrase like “best real estate agent in Bryant Gardens, White Plains”.

Focusing on hyper local search areas helps you compete for search ranking against fewer competitors. In addition, niching down on a specific target area and/or demographic lets you stand out as the go-to local area expert.

When used in combination with social media marketing, realtors are becoming hyperlocal influencers who are crushing it in their businesses.

Realtors embracing social media

In real estate, in-person meetings and onsite property viewings were traditionally the norm. Starting with the announcement of COVID-19 restrictions in 2020, however, social media became an indispensable tool for realtors to run their business.

You don’t have to be a Hollywood A-list actor to find success as a realtor on social media. However, there are certain steps that can significantly increase your chances of success.

Thankfully, we’ve curated a list of our favorite tips to finding success as a realtor on social media.

Social media tips for realtors

  1. Be authentic and charismatic:
    As the perceived local area expert, you want to avoid bombarding your customers with tons of listing and real estate facts. They can get that from the big box companies. Being local means you have to let your personality and professionalism shine through in your communications.

  2. Create great content on a regular basis:
    Make no mistake about it, a website that is not updated regularly with great content is as good as a dead website. Creating content on blogs and/or videos that show you have a solid pulse on the local real estate market.

  3. Help organize community events:
    Show your leadership skills by organizing events that help your local community. These events don’t have to be mind-blowing extravaganzas. Just focus on relevant topics, research a nice place to hold the event, and try to attract the right people so they can spread the word.

  4. Form a local Facebook Group:
    People who join real estate-related Facebook Groups are obviously on the lookout for potential opportunities. By forming a local Facebook Group, you’re putting yourself out there as a valuable source of reference with frequent social media posts. You can even loop in some other real estate social media marketing companies to boost your credibility while providing great content. You can also get free social media posts for real estate here:

Realtors are finding great success by being hyperlocal-focused and building an audience on social media. Follow these tips and you’ll have a great start to a more successful career.