Podcast Ep 57: How Ketto, an online crowdfunding platform is giving India her true identity – “to donate for a cause”?

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To achieve something new, a trend / cultural change must be brought about.

Mr. Zaheer Adenwala is co-founder and CTO at Ketto. He has impeccable experience in the tech industry and has enhanced his skills in products, technology, market research, digital marketing and analytics. His keen business acumen has helped Ketto gain acceptance in the Indian market.

Ketto is celebrating his 8th birthdayth Anniversary amid the COVID pandemic, listen to the exclusive conversation with Mr. Zaheer Adenwala, the heart and brain behind Koto’s success. Ketto is a successfully organized crowdfunding platform that helps your donations reach the right purpose.

Summary of the podcast

Zaheer explains the idea behind the start of Ketto – transparency between the NGO and the donors. To reduce fundraising costs, they have been fully digitized at both ends. It helped track down the money and, with it, his accountability.

According to Zaheer, Ketto is mainly working on a referral strategy to expand his reach, as that strengthens the trust factor, which is one of the biggest hurdles they have faced from the start. They also use various social media campaigns like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram to reach their existing and potential customers.

While the conversation continued, Zaheer explained to us how crowdfunding campaigns in India are different from those abroad, while explaining how the crowdfunding platform works. He shares that the culture of giving had to be developed through a structured system in India and makes sure that he is confident that the current trend shows that they are going in the right direction.

Towards the end, Zaheer shares how Ketto raised over INR 120 billion for various reasons during the COVID pandemic. And as a result, they made Ketto a royalty-free platform.

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