Podcast Ep 43: How Hipi, a short video platform by Zee5 is trending among Indians?

Rajneel Kumar, Business Head

Reinstall your central marketing strategies with Rajneel Kumar, Business Head – Expansion Projects & Head of Products, Zee5

“You don’t want a user to forget what they have already learned and learn how to do it again” – Rajneel Kumar

Rajneel Kumar is Business Head, Expansion Projects and Head of Products at Zee5. He is a far-sighted and optimistic leader who has experience with various leading companies around the world. He is a self-motivated mentor who helps build successful digital businesses and products for large companies and startups. Rajneel has always seen an opportunity where others have seen an obstacle. He thinks so “When you combine beauty, curiosity, a deep understanding of your consumer with an understanding of tomorrow’s technology, we create the products and services of the future.”.

Zee5 – A complete entertainment package

Zee5 is an India based entertainment company that was founded in 2018. It is a one-stop destination for consuming entertainment on digital platforms operated by Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. (ZEEL) was launched. It has content in over 12 different languages. The mobile ZEE5 app already has a huge customer base with over 100 million downloads via the Play Store and is available on the web, Android, iOS, Smart TVs, etc. ZEE5 offers viewers a fully integrated entertainment offering with on-demand and live TV. It is a video-on-demand service that includes exclusive originals, Indian and international films and TV shows, music, and health and lifestyle videos in various languages.

The heart of a great conversation

The conversation with Rajneel Kumar gave us an overview of the Hipi platform and how it differs from the competition and what it means to differentiate yourself in the industry. Rajneel believes that finding similarities between products across the industry is important as you don’t want your customers to unlearn what they’re used to. The main focus must be on product interaction, but now only on creating a product that is different from the competition. Using a basic design approach and understanding customer behavior to display preferred content has always been the company’s strength. The main differentiator is that on this platform, not only can you see and interact with the content, but you can also dive deeply into the personal lives of favorite actors and characters in the context of the content. This was a great way to fuel the user’s journey.

During the course of the conversation, Rajneel shared his insights into how to attract advertisers while respecting the safety and privacy of consumers and the company. The company has continuously developed and strengthened its security systems in relation to customers’ personal data and their payment information. He also focuses on content moderation and how that enables a safe brand to be achieved.

“Indian brands in the digital space have learned well to learn from global brands.”

As the conversation reached its roots, Rajneel spared his thoughts on how the brand stood out from the competition and how the TikTok ban changed the perspective of Indian users towards Indian brands. From content DNA to advanced AI tools to improve recommendations, the conversation contains insightful strategies that can prove effective for listeners. He also emphasizes the marketing strategies for reaching the right audience and the various features that will come to reshape the industry in the near future. You can find more exciting stories in the podcasts.

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