Podcast Ep-42: How to plan your Content Marketing strategies with current market trends?

How content marketing can empower your brand to greater heights?

Make your business happy with an in-depth conversation with Punita Parekh, a successful content marketer and storyteller for brands.

“Every individual or brand has the ability to become a storyteller or a content marketer” – Punita Parekh

Punita Parekh is one Experienced and widely successful content marketer and inspirational storyteller for various brands in the industry. She has been an established media veteran for over a decade with expertise in broadcast media in the field of content marketing & storytelling and known for her bespoke creations and integrated solutions for the country’s top brands. An overwhelming personality who offers content marketing solutions for various platforms and media. An optimist and a long-term strategy maker.

A brief summary of the conversation.

The conversation started with Punita Parekh sharing her thoughts on content marketing, how it can be used to add value to a company, and how to curate contextual content to keep pace with current trends and stay ahead of the competition to be. She believes that content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that is used to demonstrate the skills and resonate the brand and how it works for the audience in a contextual manner. According to Punita, differentiating content from existing content can help increase brand awareness while standing out from the competition. In her opinion, brand awareness can be increased by following some basic principles, including understanding the audience and the content being presented while keeping an eye on the competition.

As the conversation progressed, Punita shared her views on how certain content can be created for the potential audience. She believes that content creation has become an integral part of any company’s marketing strategy. While companies strive to generate leads and increase sales, Punita shared a few tips that could be helpful in this area. The content needs to be authentically conveyed and curated, in a realistic sense that has a more human touch in order to grab consumer attention. It also emphasizes anchoring the content based on the interest or niche of the writer or company.

Before you start, ask yourself how do you want to be remembered?

As the conversation ended, Punita helped us understand that before we start working on a strategy, we always need to set goals and work towards curating the content that revolves around the niche of the business. Most importantly, the customer must be at the center of attraction in order to gain their trust and understand them better. Experimenting with strategies to find out what works and what doesn’t is an essential part of developing an effective strategy. In the end, speaking about what you love will always resonate with your audience. Always try to inspire your audience because when the audience is inspired they will always remember you.

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