Podcast 49: How The Bid is making Digital Marketing easy for businesses?


Place the right bids in your company by having a conversation with Rohit Vadithela. Co-founder and managing partner at The Bid

“Don’t burn money and show products to someone who may not actually buy them” – Rohit Vadithela

Rohit Vandithela is co-founder and managing partner of The Bid. He is an inspiring person with ample leadership and quality assurance experience in a wide variety of companies adding experience to his portfolio. From creating business solutions for companies when they need them, to creating their own company for the solution, his journey and success speak for themselves.

The Bid Media: Brands help to generate more sales.

The Bid Media Works is a digital marketing agency specializing in programmatic advertising, working in partnership with publishers and advertisers. It is an agency that specializes in paid online advertising. With a passion for the infinite possibilities of programmatic advertising technology, it helps businesses both large and small. We firmly believe that “advertising not only shows your product to most people, but to the right people at the right time who are interested in you, because every impression is important.”

The keynote.

The conversation started with Rohit Vadiletha, who explained how marketing has evolved over the last ten years and how this has affected small and medium-sized businesses. The change is constant, as is Rohit, also for marketing. He believes that marketing is inherently an omnichannel approach that results in you being everywhere. This is undoubtedly a digital age that we live in and where marketing approaches have changed a lot in a very short period of time. To put it in simple terms, marketing is more personalized now than it was a decade ago when digital channels were added.

In the further course of the conversation, Rohit reported on the functioning and purpose of his company “The Bid” and spilled the beans on their unique selling point. The company is a programmatic advertising agency that is still relatively new to the market. Many companies have yet to take advantage of this type of advertising. It is a sophisticated, effective, and highly efficient advertising method that mainly drives small business growth.

“Once you know your audience, half the job is done”

For anyone starting out with implementing programmatic advertising in their business, Rohit shared a few key points that would likely influence your decision to purchase one. Programmatic advertising doesn’t require a large investment and can be budget-friendly compared to standard social media campaigns. You can get it at just $ 5 a day. It is a Automated method of digging inventory rooms using machine learning and artificial intelligence in the background. It looks closely at the behavior of the user. Which is perfect for a retargeting strategy.

“Just because you are spending, you can’t expect to sell a product if you don’t have good user interaction.”

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