Plan + Schedule Social Media Posts with the Later Mobile App

Plan + Schedule Social Media Posts with the Later Mobile App

Scheduling your social media posts on the go just got easier.

Today we announce four (yes, four) Exciting features in the Later mobile app that make it easier to visually plan, schedule and manage your social media right from your phone.

And the best? These features are available for all future plans – including our free plan! Now jump into the app to take a look at it. Not yet using our mobile app? Charge it up iOS or Android to get started.

# 1: auto-publishing for Instagram business profiles

Available for iOS and Android

Step aside the desktop, future users can now set up Auto Publish right from their phone!

Auto Publishing with Later allows users with Instagram business profiles to schedule photos and videos to be published automatically at a specific time – no push notifications required.

You can download the app and turn on auto publishing without going to the web app. All you need is an Instagram company profile and you’re good to go.

Ready to start? Here is our conduct set up.

# 2: Calendar view on mobile devices

Available for iOS (coming soon for Android)

Calendar view is now available on mobile devices. So, you can view your upcoming posts week by week or day and just drag and drop them to update your posting times!

With the calendar view on mobile devices, you can get a clear overview of your weekly schedule, switch between social profiles, and swipe left or right to see your previous and upcoming weeks. Paid plan users can look back or ahead a full year, while free plan users can see the previous and next two weeks.

“With Later’s mobile calendar, planning our content is child’s play! I can see everything we’ve planned for the week at a glance and drag and drop each post to make sure we’re posting at the right time. “ – – Benton Williams, Director for Social & Digital @catersvillefarmersmarket

# 3: Quick Schedule and Visual Planner

Available for iOS and Android

Exciting news! You can now visually plan and schedule your Instagram feed right from your phone – with just a few clicks!

Some of you may recognize this feature – we introduced it first Quick plan On mobile earlier this year. Use Quick Schedule to stay more consistent on social media by choosing up to seven weekly posting slots and times that suit you.

Once you’ve set up Quick Schedule on mobile or desktop, you can use the Visual Planner feature to create a stunning, in-brand Instagram feed on mobile. The publication of your posts is automatically scheduled for the time slots you have selected.

TIP: Do you use the later web app? There you will see your Quick Schedule times ready for quick desktop planning to!

# 4: add links to existing posts

Available for Android (coming soon for iOS)

Forgot to add a link to a published post? Problem Solved – You can now insert and update links to Instagram posts published through Later through the mobile app.

Whether you’ve spotted a bug or want to add a link from at a later date, you can quickly update your post from your phone without having to go to the web app.

Ready to manage your social media on the go? The Later mobile app helps you create the perfect Instagram feed for the brand. Import media, plan, schedule and edit your posts right from your phone!

Ready to start?

Quick Schedule is available on iOS and Android for all plans – yes, even our free plan!

If you haven’t already, download the Later mobile app today to get started.

Written by

Matt Smith

Matt has set up a few startups and is also a co-founder of Later where he leads marketing, growth and customer experience. In previous companies, he led product, engineering and growth teams. You can follow @mattfromlater on Instagram or Twitter