Peloton’s Head of Marketing Dara Treseder on Making Moves Centered on Your Passions

Peloton's Head of Marketing Dara Treseder on Making Moves Centered on Your Passions

Before Dara Treseder took on her role as SVP, Head of Global Marketing at Peloton, in August, she was a member of the fitness brand’s app, which offers a comprehensive library of wellness classes, and a member of two community Peloton groups. When the opportunity arose for her to join the company’s marketing leadership team, she knew it was a great opportunity for her to pursue a career directly linked to something she was already passionate about.

“Peloton is a big part of my life,” said Treseder on Monday on the CMO Moves podcast on Adweek. “Motivating millions of people to stay active, centered and connected to health and wellness has always been a passion of mine personally. I’ve been on the board of the Public Health Institute for several years. ”

Another aspect of the Peloton brand that Treseder would like to develop and grow? His persistence in maintaining a strong visual identity and branding image. “I remember the first time I received my Peloton bike and shoes, and only the packaging showed how much love and care the brand shows in all of the different touch points,” she added, noting that The company is also growing and scales – it now has 3 million members – that consistency remains true.

As a peloton user and community member of Black Girl Magic and a peloton working mothers group, Treseder felt inspired to put the community at the forefront of their latest campaign that deviates from the brand’s focus on product disruptions in the industry.

“Since those early years Peloton and our community have grown significantly, and now we are at a time where we believe it is so important for people to see and experience the abundance of what Peloton has to offer” said Treseder. We’re starting this journey with this campaign where we’re presenting the peloton experience through the lens of our members and through the lens of our community. ”

This Element community, which Treseder regards as one of Peloton’s most valuable, will be presented in a spot of the campaign with real people in their homes, who share their authentic experiences with the brand and fully immerse themselves in the culture and fitness of the fitness app immersion movement.

“I’m really excited about how we continue to tell this story and how we continue to show the world the peloton experience because it is truly unparalleled,” said Treseder.

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