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Orion App Review




Orion review hey what’s up you guys this is art from art to marketing black.com and this is my orion review or orion app review or orient software review and however we will call it i will review right now for you i do have a 5897 bonus to it and if you need traffic.  This is the app for you this is another app released by billy there you probably already know him he only releases top apps and before we start make sure to smash the like button subscribe to this channel click on the bell and leave me a comment if you have any questions so let me share my screen let’s jump into this orion review or orion app review guys you know that if you’re watching on youtube the first link in the description takes you to my blog review from here if you will decide to pick up your copy just click on any one of these blue links all of these are my affiliate links and this way you will get my bonuses now the first bonus is five down free affiliate campaigns okay so these are my own campaigns i’m giving you free access and there are five different campaigns and 11 am eastern on march the 20th is when orion goes live.

So, with that being said let’s check out this sales page it says orion the world’s most powerful free traffic app ever one click software autoblast any link to 200 sources for unlimited free buyer traffic in 60 seconds even if you’re a beginner zero tech skills or experience now check this out you have free gifts included with it okay so gift number just let me scroll give number one is orion sand which is an autoresponder with smtp gift number two is orion cloud drive for cloud storage and gift number three is orion finals a funnel builder so not only three and one uh kind of a software you also get 200 traffic sources okay so so this is what they promised we will check out the inside in just a second let’s start scrolling so guys they have some proof billy dar does the name behind this new product they are still adding the screenshots right here while i’m reviewing this okay so the sales page will look different but the main thing you need to remember is that orion is the name of the new software or new app and they do have a one-year money-back guarantee okay so they have a 365 days money-back guarantee uh and that’s essentially you can check out all the information once it’s live and complete it.

Let’s check out the inside of the members area right now okay so this is how it looks like as you can see we have the dashboard with all the statistics the page views the unique visitors bounce rates a total stay time we have less seven days visit our search we have less seven days from direct traffic we have uh all of these different informations on countries and the operating systems now the first thing you have right here is deals from jvzoo warrior plus and clickbank so you can actually look up top deals from within the software you don’t have to log in to any other website so let’s click on clickbank as you can see these are the top selling ones right here we have the sales page we have the link that we can grab it with so very very useful you can do everything from moving the software you don’t have to open another tab and uh go back and forth okay so that’s only the first tab this is like an extra thing that they added next option is we can create a new campaign we can use the down free templates we have downloaded pages and we have a social blast so actually let me start with the social blast first this is where you have the 200 traffic sources okay so pretty self-explanatory just select a campaign you have all of these campaigns and uh you just start blasting.

  Okay so we have the usual facebook facebook messenger twitter pinterest and we have the unusual like next door foursquare meetup uh hatana myspace buffer you know we have all these weird ones i never even heard about like uh wicca managed wp cacao skyrocket badou yummy so you can just start blasting and get as much traffic as you can with this so that’s the social blast we have downloaded pages so these are the pages that you already created so as you can see we have the link we can download it or we can delete it so if you can download it you can actually send it to a buyer for example if you want to create pages for clients and sell it on sites like fiverr you can super easy to download then we have done for you templates pretty self-explanatory as you can see we have all of these different design templates ready to go so just pick one and you can start creating a campaign and then we have create a new campaign so let’s click on it and let me show you how easy it is to create a new campaign and start adding traffic to it so the first step right here would be just to pick the campaign of your choice then all you have to do is just add your affiliate link and that’s essentially it you can start going back to the social blast and start blasting it this is how easy it is i’m not going to be creating any campaigns right now but you can literally do it with a few clicks and in less than a minute.

Let’s go to the next option as you can see we have the social blast so here you can post your uh campaign to facebook as you can see we can do a multimedia post like text link image or video we can do a call to action post with a call to action and then we can do a carousel or video post and the cool thing is that you can actually import a facebook accounts right here and this can be fully automated okay so you don’t have to actually do this every single time you can set this up on autopilot next up we have the sms and email subscribers so i mentioned the gift bonuses that you’re getting with it so one of it is obviously the email and the sms subscriber you can contact a group by clicking on actions and you can create a contact book right here so it can create big lists of both email subscribers and sms subscribers next up we also have comment templates reply templates automation campaign and reports for facebook so i told you can automate this whole thing with facebook right here this is where you do it okay so with the comments template you can just create a template for a comment and this comment will be posted automatically the same with replies you can create an automation campaign right here and obviously reports uh pretty self-explanatory.

Right, next up we have email marketing so so this is where you will add your email api settings you can create an email campaign and you have all the email templates so you can actually send emails from within the software so you don’t need an autoresponder orion will actually send emails for you so normally with most of these apps out there they will store the list for you but you cannot email your list and you need an autoresponder not the case with variant with orion they can actually email that list next up sms marketing pretty self-explanatory just connect the api settings and set up your sms campaign next up we have the ecom store so we have ecom stores and wu abundant cart this is obviously for all of you ecom store owners if you want to hook it up you can you can just create a store right here and we have the traffic marketing analysis we have backlink and ping analysis and we have utility tools so guys that’s what you’re gonna get on the inside obviously all the video training on how to use the software and also how to make money with it will be included i think it’s pretty amazing because you’re getting a total of free softwares all in one this is all connected so you don’t have to you know have multiple tabs open and you know click and copy and paste you have everything under one roof and you can start creating campaigns and blasting them to people uh and get traffic in a matter of minutes so guys that’s what’s on the inside let’s check out the pricing as you can see what you’re going to be paying for orion is 17 this is the early bird price so make sure to actually show up early and grab it for 17 and then we have five one-time offers number one is 29 number two is 39.39 number four 197 number five 147 and if you want to see what these are click on the first link in the description if you’re watching on youtube and this will take you to my blog review and here i have a full funnel breakdown so orion upgrade number one is the no limits edition okay that was the one for 29 here you’re gonna get no limits additional 100 templates unlimited usage campaigns and additional features number two we have the autopilot edition here you’re gonna get additional automation features for automated traffic and sales templates club is the third one and this is additional 300 templates plus 10 new templates added every every month.

Orion App down for your edition that’s the one from 197 and this is a huge done for you peck and finally we have orion luxury digit 147 here this is a service when an actual person will log into your accounts and set up the finals set up the whole thing so including integration squeeze page setup follow-up emails and additional traffic tutorials guys audios are optional you’ll be fine with the main version of orion alone but if you would pick one of dsos i would definitely pick either the first the second or the third so the no limits edition autopilot edition or the templates club okay guys let me show you all of the bonuses i have in store for you again i already mentioned the five done for you for the campaigns uh again 11 a.m eastern on the march the 20th is when orion goes live use these blue links to pick it up if you want to get all of these bonuses that i’m about to mention okay so five done for affiliate campaigns and a total of six custom-made bonuses so four ways to get traffic one is funnel secrets another one is video secrets so these are free so this could be six custom-made bonuses you’re also getting a commission snatch ws of day secret traffic gold mine doubles of the day push click commissions doubles of the day i traffic x software dollars of the day video crusher software dollar show today viral studio uh that’s another double shot day buyers list ninja blaze ws of the day push button traffic software uh auto affiliate machine software viral commission machine software uh super affiliate class that was of the day one hundred bucks daily that was of the day three minute commission’s always of the day 171 dollars daily copper profit case study the fastest way to 169 dollars tube commission loophole flip me tube traffic avalanche.

All of these are which of the day awarded products and our case study on free traffic and exclusive bonuses including big traffic fire sale im strategy content marketing blueprint facebook ads domination free business and free business pro get started seo monetizing your blog newbie traffic formula page one ranking seo and traffic traffic strategies traffic unleashed unlimited niche viking email marketing instagram marketing pinterest marketing youtube marketing and youtube rank analyzer and on top of all this you will get my mega bonus which is 152 dollars of the day and product of the day awarded products softwares and plugins guys the total value of this package is 5897 all of these bonuses are yours for free i’m giving this away as a gift just say thank you for picking up orion through my link guys feel free to check out my full written review right here on my blog and right now i think we can sum up this orient review so guys what you’re getting is 200 traffic sources all with one click early users actually got results with this already and you’re getting free gifts gift number one is orion send an autoresponder gift number two is orion drive a cloud storage and gift number three is orion funnels a funnel builder all of this is beginner friendly and you’re getting a one year money back guarantee no risk on your part what i don’t like about orion now it is 201 so you can get a little bit overwhelmed and you will have to set up accounts on these uh social platforms okay so it can be a little bit overwhelming in the beginning but if you can share something on 200 platforms why shouldn’t you right you want as much traffic as you can so guys that’s my orion review for you before we go let me actually show you how to claim my bonus all you have to do is go to your purchase history on wario plus so click on your icon with your name go to purchases refined or you can click on it and below the button that says click here to access your purchase you should see another button saying bonuses from art that’s if you used my links okay so again blue links from my blog are my affiliate links or from youtube the first link in description takes you to my blog the second link takes you directly to the sales page after 11 a.m eastern on march 20th when orion goes live so guys thanks for watching that was my orion review see you in the next review ciao you.

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