New: UI & productivity improvements across all Insightly apps

New: UI & productivity improvements across all Insightly apps

In addition to introducing major new features to Insightly Marketing, we introduced a number of user interface and productivity improvements for all Insightly apps in the Q3 2020 product release.

Watch the Q3 2020 Product Release Webinar where Anthony Smith, CEO of Insightly, shares all of the new features and improvements.

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User interface improvements

In the past few months, Insightly customers had requested some user interface improvements. For example, the ability to display more than six records in one of the associated tab grids when viewing a single record. For records with hundreds of related records, scrolling through six records at a time can mean a lot of clicks.

We solved this problem with the new feature that allows you to view 50 records at a time, which may save you a lot of clicks. Clicking the title of a related tab grid will take you to a new page that only shows that grid and 50 records at a time.

The next UI request we received was the ability to set the default tab open when viewing records. The Details tab is the tab we open by default when viewing a record in Insightly. Now you can configure which tab you want to set as the default tab. In some record types, e.g. For example, opportunities or products, it might be useful to have the Related or Activities tab open by default.

In this latest release of the product, we’re also adding brand new Insight cards to the right-hand side of the details page under Contacts, Opportunities, and Offers. On the “Contacts” page, we are already showing various options for this contact. We’re now adding a new Insight card for the primary organization related to the contact, opportunity, or offer you’re viewing. All relevant details about the linked organization can be found there on a map on the right-hand side. No additional clicks.

Finally, we’ve updated the security modal that appears when you click the padlock in the header of a detail page. We now display a lot more information about the record, including the current user, their role and profile, and the page layout that will be used to render the page. So if you have a lot of page layouts and you are not sure which one is in use, this will be shown to you by clicking the padlock icon.

These features will all be available in October 2020.

Platform and productivity improvements

We have doubled the number of API calls per second with our fantastic REST-based API. Starting with the API level 3.1, you can now make an API call every 100 ms or 10 calls per second. This is a huge win for heavy API users.

In this product release we have also made some improvements to the workflow automation. We now offer customers a complete and comprehensive log of all workflow executions: when they occurred, which records they affected, and how long they were executed.

You can now see if a particular workflow automation was running and if the existing rules worked as expected. If you have a lot of workflow automations or they are very complex, this can be a real boon in diagnosing problems or understanding what is going on behind the scenes.

You can now clone workflow criteria and save a lot of time. For example, you may have created complex workflow criteria with a few filters. Now you can clone these criteria with just one click, without having to duplicate them for another group of actions.

Last quarter we released the audit log. Now let’s add a new Field History report that breaks down the changes made to each field and the before and after results of each field change along with the user and the time and date that change was made. Administrators can now schedule an audit report that is generated and emailed to them for every record and field change for the objects they need to track for compliance reasons.

We’ve also made improvements to products, price books, and offers. You can now reorder products and quote line items for a quote. You can choose which products appear in which order in an offer.

We’ve added a few new related grids to the Product Details page. So if you are viewing a single product, you can now see what offers and opportunities that product includes.

Finally, you are now ready to use the document merge feature in products so that you can easily create product sheets and the like.

Here is a quick summary of the improvements:

  • API calls per second increased to 10
  • New comprehensive workflow log of all executions, date and time, affected data records and execution time
  • Clone workflow criteria with one click
  • New field history report for audit logging
  • Reorder products and quote line items now
  • New related grids on the product detail page for offers and opportunities
  • The document merging capabilities are now available for products

All of these features are currently available in Insightly.

Read this post or watch the full webinar to learn more about all of the major new features of Insightly Marketing in this product release.

Please remember to always read the “What’s New” section in Insightly Help to keep up with our monthly product improvements. We typically send out between 10 and 20 improvements every month. You can also contact your Insightly Customer Success Manager for more information.

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