Mucinex Releases Giphy Stickers for Halloween

Mucinex Releases Giphy Stickers for Halloween

Mr. Mucus may be one of the grossest brand mascots, but his slimy presence this Halloween seems appropriate in 2020. In time for All Hallows’ Eve, Mucinex is releasing Mr. Mucus and a host of his creepy personalities as spirited Giphy stickers.

The in-house team at the Reckitt Benckiser brand has created a range of Giphy stickers that show the blobby character in a variety of seasonal costumes, including witches, skeletons, vampires and ghosts.

The “Ghost & Post” campaign allows people to take selfies with the stickers while maintaining social distancing guidelines (hey, Mr. Mucus is a big ball of slime and we’re in the middle of a pandemic). The stickers can be found by searching #Mucinex, #Mucus, and #GhostAndPost on Giphy. A Snapchat filter is also available over Halloween.

People who take their Mr. Mucus photos are encouraged to post on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat using the hashtag #GhostAndPost. According to Mucinex, 20 million people have seen the Frankenstein sticker while 19 million have seen the witch.

The brand hopes the simple act of hanging out at home with The Monster of Mucus will motivate Halloween fans to avoid parties while finding creative ways to safely celebrate the holidays. It encourages social gatherings to stay home with the stickers.

So if you have ever dreamed of costumed slime floating around your head, Ghost & Post is for you.

The initiative is part of the brand’s transformation from a traditional over the counter to a health and wellness brand that aims to meet consumer needs on the latest social and digital platforms, especially during Covid-19. Efforts include creating a range of medical wear and a range of “boring” Instagram stories.