Meet Tru Social: A Solution to Our Current Social Media Dilemma

Meet Tru Social: A Solution to Our Current Social Media Dilemma

Meet Tru Social: A Solution to Our Current Social Media Dilemma

Trolls, fake news, misinformation. Nowadays it is almost impossible to walk a full day without hearing or seeing these words. While these terms are often referred to as originating from social media users, the algorithms within the platforms are the real culprit. With new social media apps popping up every day, the problem has grown bigger and bigger and manifests itself in more dangerous ways. The internal architecture of social media has made platforms like Facebook and Instagram a threat to truth and democracy on a global scale. In short, we are in the middle of a social media crisis.

Tru Social, a new breed of social media experience, is a co-curated publishing space that offers a solution to the current social dilemma. Jim Fournier, co-founder and CEO of Tru Social, started because he saw a need for accountability on the Internet that algorithms couldn’t match. Tru is supposed to help raise the truth. It offers a safe, clean, and curated feed with no ads, noise, or surveillance.

“Tru was born out of a desire that began 20 years ago at the Planetwork conference in San Francisco. Our focus was on global ecology and information technology, but the tech community realized we needed a global social network before that was a thing, ”said Fournier.

Tru may be the only scalable alternative to traditional social media that doesn’t use an algorithm. Instead, it creates a new model where real social groups post and subscribe to other groups, a system where people can hold other people accountable. Real people control the flow of content, not algorithms. The key element is the TruLine ™, a digitally signed chain-of-custody that shows where the content comes from, who is publishing it and who is republishing it. This makes it possible to separate credible sources from disreputable actors and confused individuals who promote misinformation, propaganda, and lies.

“Tru was designed from the ground up to help people think together in new ways, and we believe it will help us do just that,” added Fournier.

There are five core values ​​that distinguish Tru from other platforms: identity, data protection, reputation, origin and validation. In addition to providing a reliable and honest forum for posting and communication, Tru also protects people’s data. Tru is the place where people can network and communicate online without compromising their privacy. Tru offers a nice, safe, and civil alternative where your information is not sold to advertising companies and a platform where you are in control of your feeds and personal information. From developing technology to creating a system that helps individuals hold each other accountable, Tru leads the way in bringing truth and trust back to the internet. Although the platform is currently in private beta testing (you can apply to join here), it is designed to encourage people working in the fields of science, journalism, human rights and climate activism to experience a new way of connecting and “thinking together” to accomplish. on-line.