Jif Created a Sword-and-Sandal Gladiator Epic as an Ad for Squeezable Peanut Butter

Jif Created a Sword-and-Sandal Gladiator Epic as an Ad for Squeezable Peanut Butter

When you’re in the mood for peanut butter, unscrewing the lid of a jar and scooping out the contents can sometimes be a chore. This is undoubtedly why Jif has developed a new squeezable packaging that makes snacking very convenient.

To promote the new packaging, the PSOne brand hired Publicis’ multi-agency team, formed for client The JM Smucker Co., to create an epic ad that shows how convenient the product is.

The spot, entitled “The Gladiator School”, is part of the brand’s broader “That Jif’ing Good” campaign. It shows a stocky gladiator eating peanut butter when he is interrupted from lunch and challenged to a duel – specifically “a fight against the jif”.

His attacker attacks him with a range of weapons, but all of them break on the gladiator’s shield. Finally, the attacker reaches for a knife that lies in the glass of peanut butter on the table – only to break it too.

The frame then cuts to the victorious gladiator eating celery and pressable jif as it announces that you no longer need a knife to eat peanut butter. It’s meant to show how far peanut butter lovers will go to get their hands on the brand, Jif said.

Jif released its first Publicis-created ads in 2019, using a similar cinematic style. With the titles “Bunker” and “Eichhörnchen” the spots moved the brand in a new direction. “Bunker” was named one of Adweek’s 25 best ads in 2019.

In this location, a woman is fleeing an alien invasion and seeking shelter in a rural bunker, only to find that this was not the ideal haven she was looking for.

Last February, the brand also partnered with Giphy to temporarily rename limited-edition glasses as GIF. It established the clear similarity between the two names and restarted a debate about the correct pronunciation of the word GIF (some people say it with a soft J-sound). while others say it with a hard G).

The aim of the campaign was to communicate that GIF, in contrast to Jif, is definitely pronounced with a hard G, and “to prove that there is only one Jif”.

Rebecca Scheidler, Vice President Marketing at Jif, said of the brand’s latest Gladiator campaign: “The Gladiator School commercial underscores our creative leadership in this category. Once again we have brought together the perfect mix of epic and disrespect in one smart, fun and welcoming message. We’re excited to be extending the That Jif’ing Good campaign to our newest addition, Jif Squeeze. “

Erica Roberts, Executive Creative Director at PSOne, added: “It’s difficult to get a glimpse of consumers 65 BC and over. To be confirmed, but we’re pretty confident that ancient Roman gladiators would have killed to get their hands on Jif Squeeze. It is comfortable. It is delicious. And they didn’t have to get their daggers dirty to enjoy it. Even by today’s standards, this is an asset. “

Client: The JM Smucker Company
Brand: Jif
Campaign Title: That Jif’ing Good
Commercial Title: Gladiator School
Agency: PSOne
Agency location: New York
Chief Creative Officer: Andy Bird
Executive Creative Director: Erica Roberts
Creative Director, Copy: Alan Wilson
Creative Director, Art: Peter Defries
Integrated Production Manager: Jenny Read
Executive Producer: Lauren Schneidmüller
Senior Business Affairs Manager: Deanna Gattie
Group leader: Gail Hollander
Group Account Director: Pedro Perez
Account Director: Erika Maddrey
Account Supervisor: Lauren Wojciechowski
SVP, Strategy Director: Jennifer Baldwin
Senior Project Manager: Ariel Wakasa Gonzalez
Production company: reset
Director: Markus Walter
Executive Producer: Deannie O’Neil
Producer: Annabel Ridley
Editor: SpotWelders
Editor: Mischa Meyer
Editorial assistant: Anil Baral
Producer: Carolina Padilla
VFX / Post Production Company: Schmied
Creative Director: Tom Bussell
Executive Producer: Charlotte Arnold
Producer: Ashley Goodwin
Audio recording & mix: Super Exploder
Audio Mixer & Sound Designer: Jody Nazzaro
Music store: Rwdy Music
Composer: Matthias Biermann

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