Introducing Sprout Social’s CRM & Help Desk Integrations

Introducing Sprout Social’s CRM & Help Desk Integrations

Communicating with customers on the front line is a challenging and nuanced endeavor, especially for social media managers. While customers contact them via social networks and expect timely and relevant answers, critical contexts and collaborations often take place behind the scenes that are necessary for seamless and effective interactions.

According to data in the latest Sprout Social Index, social marketers said their biggest challenge was identifying and reaching their target audience. While sales, customer success, and support teams work to understand who is interacting with customers and how they can best be reached, the social team has the opportunity to become administrators of internal collaboration and deliver insights that improve the overall customer experience can.

The new integration of Sprout in Microsoft Dynamics 365 rounds off a number of existing CRM and help desk integrations with HubSpot and Zendesk so that you can offer a consistent experience with every interaction. These tools, along with Sprout, provide a complete picture of the people and community behind the news and improve communication with them.

Smooth collaboration for better customer service

Greater internal collaboration using these integrations will help you provide fast, reliable, and efficient customer service. Social and support teams can work with sales and success teams to efficiently create, track, manage, and resolve issues without leaving their respective tools. The ability to quickly share contacts and leads with contextual information enables sales and customer success teams to act quickly with qualified contact information.

In particular, with CRM and Helpdesk integrations you can:

  • Pass information from incoming social messages in Sprout Social such as username, notes, internal comments and company name to Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • Assign messages as cases, contacts, or leads to instantly share relevant information with support or sales teams.
  • Route incoming social messages to customer support teams via Zendesk or Hubspot Service Hub to generate automatic service tickets.
  • Communicate bidirectionally between Hubspot or Zendesk and Sprout Social with internal comments on both platforms.

In the past, social media could be operated in a silo, and the rich engagement of brands with their customers is underutilized or not visible across departments. By partnering with leading CRM and help desk providers, the proverbial social issues are connected to more people in the company. Our vision was to build these integrations seamless and accessible so that any customer could quickly connect and realize value immediately.

Andrew Caravella

Vice President, Global Partnerships, Sprout Social

Create a path to customer-centric results

By coupling Sprout Social with Microsoft Dynamics 365, HubSpot and Zendesk, your internal communication remains effective and your customers get a better experience. Offer an integrated experience with all of your incoming social messages. Connect your CRM and help desk integrations today by visiting Sprout’s Inbox Integrations page. If you are new to Sprout, you can start a free 30-day trial.