Instagram Adds Branded Content Tag to Reels

Instagram Adds Branded Content Tag to Reels

Instagram posted several branded content updates on its platform on Friday, highlighted by the launch of the Branded Content Tag on Reels and the start of testing that tag on Instagram Live in the coming weeks.

Facebook’s own photo and video sharing network said in a blog post on Friday, referring to Branded Content Tag, “We want to make sure that when creating branded content, regardless of the format chosen, creators can clearly state when they use to create branded content. “

The day was posted on Reels on Friday and will be tested shortly on Instagram Live.

Instagram added the ability for brands to show posts with branded content as ads in June 2019. However, these ads can only be created by promoting existing posts by creators.

The platform introduced a new workflow on Friday that allows advertisers to create ads for branded content without having to post organically first, which allows for more flexibility.

Creators can approve or suspend ads posted through their handles.

The new workflow is:

  • The advertiser sends a request to access the ad creation.
  • The creator accepts access to ad creation. If accepted, a notification will be sent to the advertiser.
  • The creator receives a notification of the created ad for approval.

Branded content ads in stories can now include typable elements like hashtags, location, and @mentions to give brands access to organic story creatives who are local and authentic to the experience.

Businesses will soon be able to promote branded content posts with product tags, which is currently not possible.

Instagram said in its blog post, “More and more people are buying directly from the developers they love on Instagram. This new ad format is another way for brands to provide a seamless shopping experience on Instagram. This new format will be tested in the coming months. “

As announced in October, businesses and developers can set a minimum age for feed posts with branded content.

Account holders can set a default minimum age, set a minimum age for specific countries, or a combination of both options.

Justin Osofsky, Instagram’s chief operating officer, said in a statement, “The creators are driving culture forward and signaling what’s next. That is why people increasingly turn to them for inspiration. Branded content is a powerful tool for developers and businesses. These updates help them get more out of the content they create together. This will continue to be a focus for us as we develop a range of monetization tools that support the various needs and ambitions of developers. “