HP’s Beautiful Holiday Ad Brings Gen Z Activists’ and Scientists’ Dreams to Life

HP's Beautiful Holiday Ad Brings Gen Z Activists' and Scientists' Dreams to Life

In a new vacation ad released today, HP highlights four young adults who are actively working to create a better world – whether through activism, climate science, programming, or organization.

The spot starts with its four stars (Jacqueline Azah, Tiana Day, Fionn Ferreira and Kavya Kopparapu), which explain what they imagine for the future. “I see a world led with love,” said Day, a Bay Area-based activist for Black Lives Matter and founder of nonprofit Youth Advocates for Change. “This is our future that we are fighting for.”

Azah, an activist and co-founder of the nonprofit J&H New Beginnings, spoke for a more peaceful future. Conservationist Ferreira, who developed a tool to remove microplastics from the ocean, sees a world without pollution.

“I’m just seeing a change in the way we raise our youth,” said Kopparapu, computer scientist, patent holder, and founder of the nonprofit Girls Computing League, which aims to attract underrepresented students in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to be included).

Because HP’s products play a central yet subtle role throughout the film, the plot plays out the dreams of each of these young people. In colorful, futuristic scenes, the protagonists work to solve climate change and build new education systems, while Day and Azah rise to the offices of the Secretary of State and the President of the United States, respectively.

HP said they wanted to use these real “changers” instead of influencers because they better reflect Gen Z’s values ​​and aspirations for the future.

“Gen Z audiences make decisions about brands that match their values, and that connection is at the heart of this campaign,” said Daryl Butler, director of marketing for HP Inc.’s US-based Consumer Personal Systems, in a statement.

“Our goal is for consumers to be emotionally connected to the idea of ​​hope and to see the optimism and strength that this generation has in spite of the challenges they face,” continued Butler. “We want to show how they can make the world a better place by using their superpowers – technical skills and creativity – to make a real impact on a better, more open and more inclusive future.”

Not only were they shown on location, but they also added to the set and plot of the film. Goodby, Silverstein & Partners was the creative agency behind the film, and director Emma Westenberg directed.

“Conversations with our inspiring protagonists have influenced the entire creative process from script to final title selection,” said Wes Phelan, Creative Director of GS&P. “Each vignette reflects the various problems this group of young people is looking to solve in the near future . ”

The “Institute for Climate Change” is a fictional organization created by the stars in the futuristic film.

The advertisement is aimed at consumers between 18 and 34 years of age. HP aims to reach 64 million pairs of eyes and ears with one ad purchase that includes connected television, social and digital video, audio, native and display. To achieve this reach, the brand is working with Amazon Fire TV, Complex, Genius, Hulu, Snapchat, Spotify, TikTok, Vice, WarnerMedia and YouTube TV.

The events of 2020, from the pandemic to a national reckoning related to systemic racism and inequality, will have the greatest impact on younger generations, Cristina Bondolowski, global marketing director for personal systems at HP Inc., in a statement.

“For this campaign, we asked real changers how they envision their future,” added Bondolowski. “The work is a manifestation of this vision and how our technology enables solutions – whether for a fairer society, a different way of educating our youth, or a more sustainable planet.”