How to Use LinkedIn Stories for Your Business

How to Use LinkedIn Stories for Your Business

Get ready, LinkedIn Stories is coming!

LinkedIn Stories follows in the footsteps of Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook and is a new way to share 24-hour updates on the platform.

But what does this mean for companies and brands on LinkedIn?

We cover the key details and must-have strategies to keep you updated:

LinkedIn Stories: What Is It And How Can Brands Use It?

LinkedIn stories is a quick and engaging way to share professional updates on LinkedIn.

Similar to Instagram Stories, this feature allows users to share pictures or videos that only last 24 hours.

Users can add text overlays, mention accounts, share a question of the day, and add a variety of stickers to their stories:

Once posted, stories will appear in tippable bubbles at the top of a user’s LinkedIn feed on mobile. If you tap on them, they will be displayed in 9:16 full screen format.

From here viewers can send a story via direct message, which makes it easier to have quick and informal conversations on the platform.

Pete Davies, Senior Director, Product Management at LinkedIn, divided that the format is great for stimulating more conversations on the platform.

Linkedin stories

“Last year we asked ourselves what stories might look like in a professional context,” said Davies.

He goes on to explain why having an “easy” and “fun” way to share an update is as important on LinkedIn as it is anywhere else.

“Sometimes we want a way to just connect, laugh with our coworkers, and move on.”

LinkedIn’s fulcrum for stories shows how far social media has come since Facebook switched from a series of connected profiles to a centralized news feed in 2006. Stories are the new norm where users prefer to “share in the moment” rather than commit to a permanent feed post.

This fits in with the trend we’ve seen on Instagram over the past few years as people post less on their feeds. In one Recent study At Fohr, we found that influencers are now posting a third less in their feeds than in 2016.

Instagram infographic

What does this mean for brands?

Simply put, this feature offers a new, temporary way to share information with your professionally motivated audience. And while it feels overwhelming to have a different channel, there are plenty of ways you can turn this into a new creative opportunity to support your business goals.

Note: LinkedIn Stories is still being rolled out in all markets. If you don’t have access yet, you’re stuck! It should come soon.

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4 ways to incorporate LinkedIn Stories into your marketing strategy

Similar to the introduction of Instagram Stories, LinkedIn Stories offers a great opportunity to have a stronger and more personal dialogue with your audience.

However, before you jump right into your new content strategy for LinkedIn Stories, you should think twice who you talk to and Why You want to get their attention.

Understanding the audience you are talking to, what they are interested in, and what you want to achieve will help shape your content strategy and stay on the road to success!

With that in mind, there are four ways you can use LinkedIn Stories in your marketing strategy:

LinkedIn Stories Strategy # 1: Encourage thought leaders to provide professional advice

LinkedIn is a huge thought leadership platform, and this new “snack format” is a great way to showcase your internal knowledge in a fun and engaging way.

Whether it’s resume advice from your HR team, a brief industry summary, or creative design pointers, sharing helpful tips is a surefire way to get your audience’s attention.

Remember to keep your content appropriate for the quick and easy-to-digest nature of stories. For example, if you are sharing “5 Tips for Networking Professionals” you may want to prepare 5 slides to include in your video content so that your content is great to scan for your audience!

LinkedIn Stories Strategy # 2: Share real-time event updates

LinkedIn Stories have a short lifespan, making them perfect for sharing less sophisticated content straight from a live event.

From big company announcements to award shows, sharing clips from live events to stories can be a great way to show what’s going on in your company.

This can also be a great way to add some extra hype to an event on LinkedIn. Ask key speakers or event coordinators to share brief soundbites about what to expect, or take a quick look at some of the special details that are in store!

LinkedIn Stories Strategy # 3: Host Company Questions and Answers

Just like Instagram Stories, LinkedIn Stories are a great way to show your brand a more human and authentic side on social media.

Providing questions and answers about stories will introduce the people behind your brand. This is a great way to share your brand story and build brand affinity.

To gather questions for your Q&A, invite your audience to submit them in advance. This can be done either through direct messages or a traditional LinkedIn feed.

LinkedIn Stories Strategy # 4: Share brand announcements and product news

If you’re one of the first brands to use LinkedIn Stories, you’ve likely got a tremendous amount of extra airtime for your audience on LinkedIn.

With that in mind, it might be a good idea to take advantage of this new platform to share any major brand updates – even if you have a feed post about it.

Whether you’re sharing job openings or a product launch, leveraging this new channel to get more of your audience is definitely a good step!

If Facebook stories Early adopters of LinkedIn Stories will take precedence over the competition.

Do you use Linkedin Stories to promote your brand? Let us know in the comments!

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