How Push Notifications helped IELTSPodcast to improve their user interaction

How Push Notifications helped IELTSPodcast to improve their user interaction


IELTS Podcast Founder Ben Worthington began his journey as an English educator in 2006. Because of his competition and passion for results, he focused specifically on IELTS students. This led to the creation of IELTSPodcast, a platform to help students improve their English in order to achieve their goals, study abroad, or emigrate for a better life. Ben and his teaching team offer students two tutorials per week. These include the writing, reading, listening and speaking sections of the IELTS exam. IELTSpodcast has a global Alexa rank of 88,851

Interview with Ben Worthington, founder of IELTS Podcast

What is your website Can you tell us the story behind it? (What is the unique problem you want to solve)

Interview with Ben Worthington, founder of IELTS Podcast Many students have problems with IELTS. You take the test and often seem to be stuck at 6.5. We want to make sure they get a Band 7 or higher by taking our course.

What different growth or marketing channels would you like to reach to attract more visitors to the website?

We publish many helpful guides to help students pass the IELTS exam. The channels we use include push notifications, messengers, and podcasts.

Do you think customer loyalty is critical to businesses? How do push notifications help?

Customer loyalty is definitely important. Part of ensuring this retention is providing a lot of value with every interaction. Push notifications help us remind our students that we have new guides and tutorials, and therefore improve our interactions.

How do you plan your push notification strategy? Which parameters do you consider when creating?

We’re just getting started and mostly use it to inform our students about new guides, publications, and specials. In the future we will start to tag the students and notify them more specifically

What is the most commonly used push notification feature and how has it helped you get more conversion rates?

This should be the planned shipment. It helps us organize our publications and keeps business going when the team is on vacation.

How long have you been using Truepush and how is it helping you meet your business goals?

We have been using it for the past few years. Truepush definitely increases our overall traffic and reminds our students that we are here to help them.

Feedback on the product and the Truepush team?

Great work team!

Truepush analysis:

After using Truepush scheduled notifications, IELTS Podcast made it easier to send notifications. This helped the students gain knowledge of their required subjects.

The view and click rate set a good number and gained a lot more subscribers.

The free Truepush service forever helped IELTS Podcast improve overall traffic and user interactions.

Truepush helped IELTS Podcast maintain good customer loyalty.

About Truepush
Truepush is the world’s leading free push notification platform. We’re excited to announce PWA and AMP to bring you the best experience possible.

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