How a Biden or Trump Win Could Reshape Marketing, Media and Ad Tech

How a Biden or Trump Win Could Reshape Marketing, Media and Ad Tech

The uncertainty about the bottom line of the White House race is a temporary situation. However, the condition, which led to delayed and confused results, may have a more profound impact on advertising, media, marketing and technology companies over the next four years. While Republican and Democratic partisans step in until the final votes are counted, and Battlefield States Adweek editors asked about one or the other candidate, have been reaching out to observers from various business units to learn the effects of a re-elected Trump or one would have new Biden administration on the regulatory and cultural environment of businesses and consumers. – David Kaplan

This is how the results will affect five key industries:

1. Media: a regulatory settlement

Whether Biden or Trump, the next president will have immediate consequences for the media industry, especially when it comes to technical regulation. Twitter and Facebook posted unsubstantiated posts from Trump in the early hours of the polls. Of the two, Twitter went further and today labeled five tweets from the president as misleading. If he stays in office, expect social platforms to continue cracking down on inaccurate tweets from the White House and Trump’s camp to further address the issue of political bias on social platforms. If Biden wins, he will be pressured to hold social media companies accountable for knowingly spreading misinformation. In both cases, lawmakers on both sides will tighten their controls over how technology companies in Silicon Valley handle information

Trump has waged war against the press with relentless energy. A Biden victory would calm these waters. However, publishers need to think about their effectiveness. “The question is, what have we really achieved as the press?” Media analyst Thomas Baekdal told Adweek. “If [the election] If this is so close, it means that none of our “holding Trump accountable” had an impact. ”

Another consideration for the media: How a less polarizing climate among Biden could affect the booming subscription business. A cohort of paying consumers will certainly continue to support news brands as a political act. However, the intensity of their motivation may decrease, especially if the economic pressures remain high. – Lucinda Southern

2. TV news on the way to post-election discomfort

Trump is often fond of predicting that cable news ratings will drop when he’s out of office. But the truth is that no matter which candidate is ultimately elected president, the television industry will mourn the end of the ad revenue influx and record ratings it has enjoyed during this election cycle. These numbers represented a much needed lifeline in a landscape that has been increasingly challenging for years.

The top three cable news networks – Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC – all had their most watched quarters this year. According to Media Radar, around $ 380 million was spent on national television advertising on political advertising in 2020 – not just broadcast and cable news, but networks like HGTV, Food Network, and Adult Swim as well. As this advertising revenue dries up, networks will find it difficult to find replacement options during the pandemic that has resulted in a decline in business bottom line.

If Trump doesn’t win re-election, rumors have risen that he could disrupt the industry by starting a conservative network competitor for Fox News. Lachlan Murdoch, CEO of Fox Corp, told investors on Tuesday, “We love competition. We have always thrived with competition. “- Jason Lynch

3. Brands plan their next move

Fortunately for marketers, dealing with uncertainty has become a matter of course in 2020. Many thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic for this integrated stress response.

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