Here Are 2020’s Best Ads, Packed Into 3 Minutes

Here Are 2020's Best Ads, Packed Into 3 Minutes

Before we declare this brutally irreconcilable year over, we should take a moment to reflect on one of the few positive aspects: the diverse creative possibilities with which brands navigate in these unprecedented times (keyword: violin music).

We recently released Adweek’s list of the 25 best ads of 2020, but with the holidays ahead, you could understandably be pressed for time. So we’ve condensed the list into a 3-minute video mashup highlighting the most memorable marketing moments of the year.

Here’s your journey back through the ads, events, and ideas that made brands relevant in a year when all the rules and expectations were thrown out the window:

Video editor: Breana Mallamaci

Be sure to check out the full list of the 25 best ads of the year here.