Facebook Sues 2 Companies for Data Scraping

Facebook Sues 2 Companies for Data Scraping

Facebook filed a lawsuit on Thursday against two companies accused of scraping data from Facebook and Instagram, as well as from Amazon, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

Platform enforcement and litigation director Jessica Romero said in a newsroom post that Israel-based BrandTotal and Delaware-based Unimania used scraping to conduct an international data collection operation, using the data they scraped to sell marketing intelligence and others Services were used.

Romero stated, “Scraping is a form of data collection that relies on unauthorized automation to extract data from a website or app. To evade our scraping protection, these companies took advantage of our users’ access to our service through a number of browser extensions called “UpVoice” and “Ads Feed” that were designed to access and collect data. When installing the extensions and visiting our websites, the browser extensions used automated programs to determine their name, user ID, gender, date of birth, relationship status, location information and other information about their accounts. The defendants’ extensions sent the scratched data to a server shared by BrandTotal and Unimania. “

The company filed two similar lawsuits in the UK and the US in August

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