Facebook Expands Creator Access to Rights Manager, Collect Ad Earnings Tools

Facebook Expands Creator Access to Rights Manager, Collect Ad Earnings Tools

Facebook has added new creator monetization options to its platform, expanded access to the Rights Manager and Collect Ad Earnings tools, and added an in-stream ad switch to the Creator Studio application.

Creators of all sizes can now join Rights Manager and use it to manage their content catalogs and control how, when and where their assets are shared.

Interested site administrators can apply here.

New findings in the Rights Manager dashboard enable rights holders to quantify and optimize their protection activities and make better use of the fan-controlled distribution. You can see how their matched content behaves and better understand the audience for that content.

The Ad Revenue Collection Tool, which allows creators to collect ad revenue from matching videos with in-stream ads, now includes a new filter view to help you identify the monetizable matches, as well as better guidance on how to use those opportunities and exportable revenue reports of What Each Asset in the Previous Month earned and the opportunity to apply ad revenue collecting using owner links.

A new in-stream ad switch has been added to Creator Studio, which allows creators to manage content monetization from mobile devices.

Eventually, in-stream ads will be rolled out to Egypt, Iraq, Morocco and Turkey.

Product Manager Jeniece Primus wrote in a blog post: “We want to help developers make money and build meaningful businesses on Facebook. To help creators meet their financial goals, we’re giving more creators the ability to generate advertising revenue from matching Rights Manager content and deliver in-stream ads in more countries. “