Disrupting Law with Digital | Using Marketo Engage for Customer Needs

Disrupting Law with Digital | Using Marketo Engage for Customer Needs

The starting point for the marketing strategy begins with the customer. This is not an approach that you often find in a commercial law firm. LegalVision didn’t start out as a law firm, but as an online resource for people. We started as a website where people could download legal documents that they could edit and use themselves without the need for a lawyer. But over the years, in response to clients, we have repeatedly focused on what we are today: a young and disruptive commercial law firm. From the start, the top priority was to understand customer needs and better meet them using a digital approach.

Legally delivered differently

We have always taken a digital-first approach and played the role of disruptors. Rather than starting out as a law firm that added a digital strategy to keep up with the times, we used our digital first approach to understand and help everyone who use our services. With the support and tools from Marketo Engage, we have been able to continuously develop and improve our service delivery. Our business model, our digital marketing strategies and the use of technology are unique in this sector.

As a marketer with a legal background, it was refreshing and exciting to innovate in an industry that I feel passionate about. Technology and data have been a major driver of this innovation as we can use collected information to effectively drive leads. I work with developers, the marketing team and lawyers to understand and adapt to the needs of our market.

One article for everything

Recognizing these requirements in real time is the benefit of a data-driven marketing approach. And content is critical to implementing our advancement efforts. Our content library now contains 5,000 articles written to solve customer problems in a language they can understand. This means that we have put together special downloads and articles for our personas that are individually tailored to their business needs.

We now have 350,000 monthly visitors, but converting those visitors into customers requires robust marketing automation. We use content coupled with an understanding of customer behavior to send personalized, relevant content at the right time. As soon as someone visits our website, downloads a document or attends a webinar, we can better assess their weaknesses, address their needs and send them niche content.

Instead of thinking like lawyers, we take a retailer approach: we focus on the customer experience. And this is how B2B has to work if customers (if you are a company or an individual) now expect personalized interactions.

Identify customer needs

Since launching Marketo Engage in 2016, we’ve developed an increasingly differentiated methodology for marketing automation and customer experience. Our personas are mapped to a microscopic level on which we can analyze every point of contact that a lead experiences: from the second they click on a Google ad to the moment they are contacted, become customers and do business again. These touchpoints apply to the entire company, from click rates to phone calls with sales support to interactions with our attorneys supported by strong custom integration with our CRM.

Understanding our customers enables a sensitive approach that is at the core of LegalVision. Traditional law firms want to bill as many hours as possible and maximize profits. But that doesn’t necessarily give a customer the best result, does it? For this reason, we introduced a membership model at the end of last year: Instead of a user pays approach, customers can register for a monthly flat rate of 12 months. Through this model, customers can get help with the unexpected events of 2020.

We are seeing our existing customer base quickly migrating to this membership model. And it’s really exciting because it allows business owners to have an attorney on-demand when a legal question needs to be answered and then not have to worry about expensive hourly rates.

Help customers proactively

As COVID-19 started affecting businesses and the economy, we found that many customers came to us with unexpected problems, such as: B. how to renegotiate their rent or resolve problems related to employment or access to government support. We quickly identified the most common questions and started hosting webinars and providing relevant resources.

Our data analysis provides the opportunity to take an educational, proactive approach with clients in which we predict their next likely legal needs. We can provide more personalized resources, which continues to be crucial. And if you’re already stressed out with economic uncertainty (and pressure to run your own business), avoiding nasty surprises helps tremendously.

Recent events have cemented the role of digital and marketing in driving the pipeline contribution and overall business strategy. With the right technology, the right processes and the right approach, we can better meet customer needs in a timely and relevant manner, which repeatedly proves to be valuable.

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