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Custom Collar Pin Printing

Jul 12

Custom Collar Pins 

How many times have you seen an eye-catching promotional item and thought to yourself, "wow, I wish that was something I could get for my company"? It's a common dilemma. We want to promote ourselves in the best way possible while still maintaining our budget and having the fullest control of how we manage our marketing efforts. One great way to do both is by ordering custom engraved collar pins from Aquaholic Gifts ! These items are not only stylish but also affordable which makes them perfect for any business looking to promote their brand on a dime!

Lapel Pins & Customised Promotional Pins

Aquaholic Gifts has made ordering custom engraved collar pins a breeze by providing an easy-to-use online form that lets you upload your logo, choose the shape of pin and even preview how it will look. The best part is that this company takes pride in their workmanship with each piece being carefully handcrafted to ensure quality! In addition, Aquaholic Gifts offers free shipping for orders over $1000 which makes them a great option for large or international businesses looking to take advantage of these promotional products on a budget.


Why Should You Order Collar Pins?: As mentioned above, one reason why we recommend using customized collar pins , lapel pins and customised promotional pins as promotional items is because they are not only stylish but also affordable! They can be ordered online via email. Call Aquaholic team today for your inexpensive customised collar pin with company logo print. Aquaholic Gifts - a leading corporate gifts singapore supplier