Coming soon to Sprout: Instagram messaging

Coming soon to Sprout: Instagram messaging

More than a billion people around the world use Instagram each month for inspiration, connection, and communication, and 90% of those people follow a business on the platform. Instagram engagement is essential for brands today. We’re working with Facebook to integrate the Messenger API which now has support for Instagram messaging features. Select Sprout Social customers will now be taking part in a pilot program, and Instagram messages in Sprout will be available to all customers from 2021.

“We’re excited to announce that Sprout Social is launching Facebook’s Messenger API support for Instagram. Businesses and people are communicating with each other more than ever, and Instagram is an important channel for connecting with customers and building relationships, ”said Konstantinos Papamiltiadis, VP of Platform Partnerships at Messenger.

This functionality will add to the already robust integration of the Sprout platform with Instagram, including features that will allow brands to fully manage their Instagram presence, reporting, monitoring and analysis.

“Our mission is to equip our customers with the latest platform capabilities, create more efficient workflows, and ultimately lead them to meaningful conversations,” said Andrew Caravella, VP, Global Partnerships, Sprout Social. “We are excited to be working with Facebook on this highly anticipated release that will undoubtedly make our customers’ lives easier and enable them to holistically manage Instagram in Sprout.”

In our annual Sprout Social Index report, a survey of social marketers, we found that 68% of marketers wanted more Instagram use in 2020. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and global restrictions on brick-and-mortar businesses, Instagram and messaging capabilities have been introduced, making it crucial for businesses looking to stay connected with their customers. As guidelines for physical distancing evolve, the additional support from Instagram via Facebook’s Messenger API will help brands keep their virtual doors open and connect with people around the world.

For more information on Instagram support in Facebook’s Messenger API, see Facebook’s official announcement here.

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