Celebrating Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Marketers This September and October

Celebrating Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Marketers This September and October

Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month is from September 15th to October 15th! September 15th is actually the independence anniversary for Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. The Independence Days for Mexico and Chile follow closely on September 16 and 18. Historically, this month has been referred to as the Month of Hispanic Heritage, but the term Latinx is growing in popularity as it is gender-specific and refers to those with Latin American heritage as opposed to those with exclusively Spanish-speaking ancestors.

To celebrate this month, we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce some of our great contributors and contributors to Hispanic and Latin American heritage!

Manuel Suarez

CEO of the AGM Agency


Hispanic (born in Puerto Rico)

Manuel Suarez, better known as Facebook Marketing Ninja, is a time-honored expert in the field of social media advertising.

For the past several years, his primary focus has been developing powerful marketing strategies to grow and scale his businesses and those managed by his agency, AGM Marketing. Not only has Manuel helped hundreds of his own students build their own businesses for a variety of niches, but he has channels for big names like Dr. Eric Berg, Grant Cardone, Daymond John, Frank Suarez (MetabolismoTV) and many built and operated more.

Manuel’s social media strategies have generated over 3 billion views on social media channels, generated over 4 million leads and over $ 250 million in sales in the last 5 years alone. He is also an international speaker who offers digital marketing seminars to thousands of entrepreneurs around the world and hosts the podcast The Facebook Marketing Ninja.

“I was one of the pioneering marketers in the world of messenger marketing and have generated more leads and revenue with Manychat than anyone else in the world.”

Career Highlights He is most proud of:

  • His father, Frank Suarez @metabolismotv, becomes a social media superstar with millions of followers around the world.
  • Development of the marketing agency AGM (Attention Grabbing Media) for 70 employees and successful management of advertising expenditure in the millions for celebrities, strong brands and social media influencers
  • We’re helping generate over half a billion views, millions of subscribers, and $ 150 million in revenue

Melina Moreno

CEO and founder of social ads made easy


First generation Mexican-Americans. Parents were born in Guadalajara, Mexico, and I was born in Los Angeles, CA.

Melina is an expert in digital marketing and the founder of Social Ads Made Simple. After more than 10 years in the corporate world, helping companies like Neiman Marcus, Wells Fargo and Infusionsoft to increase their monthly sales and create effective sales processes for their in-house sales teams, she started her own agency in 2015 and offers 1-to-1 -Coaching and consulting to help businesses grow with paid traffic strategies.

Their digital strategies and methodologies have been featured in Office Depot, DigitalMarketer, and Together Digital to help businesses of all sizes sell more on social media. She has spent over $ 1 million on paid traffic campaigns on Facebook, and tested and tested online growth strategies to get weekly audience growth and constant sales for her clients around the world!

After 15 years in sales and more than 10 years in the marketing world, Melina’s paid traffic methods are evolving with the ever changing digital marketing ecosystem and she is always thinking of the next BIG IDEA for her customers.

“My maternal grandmother was a badass entrepreneur in Mexico who at one point ran 4 different businesses and raised 7 children on her own. She owned a grocery store, had a flour mill, which she rented to the tortillerias so that they could grind the corn into tortillas. She rented a piece of land on which she grew and sold sugar cane, and raised and sold chickens and pigs to sell. “

Career Highlights She is most proud of:

  • Assisting Multiple Companies in Achieving the Best YTD Sales Months Ever During COVID
  • Establishing social ads in 2015 made easy

Michelle Dalton

Community Manager, DigitalMarketer


Mexican American, my mother is from Ciudad de Juarez

Michelle is the Community Manager for DigitalMarketer, where she builds relationships between our clients and creates a collaborative environment so their businesses can thrive. After serving DigitalMarketer clients in a variety of roles for nearly a decade, she advocates for over 13,000 of our most dedicated clients. Michelle is famous for her office crying when people show off their cute baby animals.

“It sounds so silly, but there is no template for what a particular heritage or culture looks like. I’ve heard so many times in my life that I don’t look Mexican. What does a Mexican person look like? There’s no way to look, we all look different; Some of us are redheaded or blonde haired and have blue eyes while others have brown skin with thick dark hair. If we don’t fit the stereotype, we are no less Latinx than others. “

Career Highlights You are most proud of:

To be honest, my current position. It’s not flashy or sparkly, but it definitely feels like my skills, personal and professional history, and personality have led me to where I belong and where I thrive. Is it cocky to say I was made for this? Because that’s what I was made for.

Gabriella (Gabi) Montemayor

Account Manager at DigitalMarketer


I am a Texican through and through. My grandparents are originally from Mexico, but my parents were born and raised in South Texas.

Gabi Montemayor is a strategic account manager with over 8 years of experience in advertising and marketing. She has spent most of her career in advertising agencies, serving clients in a variety of categories including financial services, housewares, and games. She has run multi-million dollar holistic campaigns across digital and traditional touchpoints that beat benchmarks and drive revenue growth for her customers. Increasing pressure and tighter budgets from clients caused Gabi to look for a new role that could enable her to leverage this experience and enable smaller agencies to grow and grow their client base – and where better than that at DigitalMarketer? She loves helping her partners expand, find new solutions to old problems, and provide resources that help partners better serve their customers.

“Although both of my parents are bilingual, I am not. I may not speak Spanish fluently, but I feel very attached to my culture in so many other ways such as family values, traditions and food. And maybe a swear word here and there. “

Career Highlights You are most proud of:

  • I’ve done some really cool ads with some insanely smart people. A challenging but very rewarding project was a series of videos that we made for Tuesday morning, called Buyer Stories. As part of a multi-layered information, retention and excitement campaign, we created a series of animated videos that told a really interesting story in a unique way.
  • My first advertising job was at a Hispanic agency in San Antonio, where I worked with clients on all of their Hispanic advertising. These were not translations of general market work, but in-culture and in-language advertising campaigns. I learned a lot about Latinx cultures that I wasn’t familiar with before, and also learned the bizarre ability to identify and articulate Spanish accents. Advertising is just as important in culture as it is in language. Same goes for people – cultural identity doesn’t depend on whether you speak the language or not, but on how your culture shows up in your everyday life. I am proud of my legacy. I’m Mexican and American through and through.

Jaime Santos

Lead designer, scalable agency


Puerto Rican

From New York to Texas, Jaime has worked on creative design and marketing campaigns for brands like Facebook, Lysol, Pepsi and others for the past 8 years. Shortly after moving to Texas last March, he joined DigitalMarketer and Scalable as lead designer of the agency team.

Valentina has the best TexMex ever.

Career Highlights You are most proud of:

Hired by DigitalMarketer, of course! But before my two-month tenure at DM, I had the opportunity to work on a series of illustrated animated instructional videos for WeAreTeachers. It was great fun creating all of the animations I was allowed to use on the videos I put together, but it was just as fulfilling and rewarding to raise awareness about topics like learning disabilities, recycling and the environment, social-emotional learning, and more .

Drew Rivera

Social Designer, The Scalable Company


Mexicans / Spaniards

Drew is a 36 year old creative who still holds on to a youthful heart. He has a beautiful wife, Christina, and the privilege of raising Jai, a beautiful, energetic 5 year old together. Drew is an extrovert and loves meeting new people. His faith guides him as a husband, father, and friend, and creativity helps him enjoy each of them (we all want life to be fun). He is very loving and loyalty goes deep, sometimes to failure (we are all working on something).

“My Mexican heritage was very big in family and family reunions as I grew up, even inviting those outside the community and treating them like family. Now I am excited to share this with my family and others from different backgrounds and cultures. The ability to grow and love people around us who are not like us is needed now more than ever. I am so blessed to know that my Mexican heritage planted this seed in me at such a young age. Find someone who is different from you and show some love, invite them to the herd. “

Career highlights:

Discontinued by Digital Marketer / The Scalable Company. This was by far the biggest milestone on my journey as a creative. The ability to grow not just as a designer but also as a marketer made me excited to join the team and the company.