CBS’s New Look; Leave that Cucumber Alone: Friday’s First Things First

CBS’s New Look; Leave that Cucumber Alone: Friday's First Things First

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CBS sets first company-wide brand update to “become relevant today”

For the first time in 91 years, CBS is introducing a company-wide update to its brand identity aimed at stepping into the multiplatform of the present, reaching younger viewers while also honoring the brand’s history. Part of this story is the revival of the classic voiceover slogan “This is CBS” in the form of a five-tone mnemonic melody and animation. Under President and CMO Mike Benson, all brands across CBS will be united under a single logo and typeface to bring consistency across segments including entertainment, news and sports.

A complete reinterpretation: The new design is part of a greater effort to define and reflect “the heart of the brand and what it means to us”.

Pornhub’s ad is asking you to stop using household items as sex toys

It’s a lonely time, but it’s time to ditch the electric toothbrush and find a tool that is better for the job. That’s the message in a new ad for Pornhub Toys, which featured common injured household items from a coconut to a cucumber to a shower head singing sadly of their masturbatory plight to Bloodhound Gang’s 1999 banger “The Bad Touch” .

Enjoy: The creatives at BETC Paris dived into the lower regions of the internet to find out all the incriminating items used as sex toys.

Did the Martin Agency just tell us about 7 new biz wins?

An important note for the recently unemployed: The Martin Agency has 45 vacancies and more are expected in the next few days. It also has seven new customers, but it doesn’t share who they are just yet. Instead, the agency is asking Twitter followers to take part in a guessing game to reveal their identity. The winners can win prizes including a personal portfolio review, a chat with CEO Kristen Cavallo, a guaranteed interview, and a sweet booty.

Read all about it at AgencySpy.

Also in agency news:

  • BBDO veteran Michael Aimette has taken on the role of Co-Chief Creative Officer at FCB New York.
  • The Indian IT consulting giant Infosys is acquiring the digital service and consulting agency Blue Acorn iCi.
  • The Covered California insurance market has appointed the independent agency Duncan Channon in San Francisco as its creative and media agency.

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Opinion | The interruption heard “Around the World” is all too familiar: “I speak”

Given Vice President Mike Pence’s interruptions during Wednesday night’s Vice President debate, Senator Kamala Harris asserted herself and reiterated, “I speak.” Leah Pilcer-Pitman of New Belgium Brewing wrote a voice piece expressing the value of Harris’s steadfastness for Women marketers who often face similar interruptions on a daily basis and face other gender barriers in the workplace explained.

The time is now: “Women marketers are more incentivized than ever to get involved, raise hands, and bring ideas to the fore.”

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