Best Practices & Strategies for 2021


At the end of a completely different year for all of us, it’s time to reflect on the PPC best practices from the past few months and what we can expect in the future to further improve the performance of your paid search campaigns.

This is not only a good time to rethink reliable best practices for PPC, but also to implement new ones into your future PPC strategies to drive your campaigns forward. Whether you use a PPC agency in London or have an in-house team, it is important that you keep up with the latest trends to ensure your campaign is getting the best results possible.

What is the future of PPC best practices and what has 2020 taught us?

Budget reviews

Unfortunately, advertisers can sometimes stall and forget to reevaluate and review their media budget allocation.

When managing your ratings, consider whether or not poorly performing campaigns that have been optimized over the year should be eliminated to free up the budget for other campaigns. Competitive metrics should be reviewed to determine if additional traffic can be captured that will help increase the results for campaign profit.

Test new platforms and features

One of the best PPC methods to use is testing new paid platforms and stepping outside your comfort zones. Some advertising platforms you might consider are Pinterest, Snapchat, and LinkedIn.

If you don’t need to take advantage of many of the features that are available to you, take the time to test them out too, as you may find one that will benefit your campaign.

Understand your target audience and buyer journey

It is important that you look at the full picture of the target audience that you are aiming for. In 2021, the most successful PPC marketers will focus on their target audience as part of their strategy. Those advertisers who focus their PPC marketing efforts on the buyer’s journey will be ahead of the curve in 2021. This can be achieved by thinking about your customer and their methodology when making a purchase decision from you. Consider the following:

  • What to look for
  • Where they interact
  • How long does the purchase process take?

Marketers need to evolve their approach and think about getting the right audience. Two areas that are important in reaching your customers are keywords and images.

Power of first party data

Industry experts have suggested that the way data is obtained will soon be disrupted. This is due to restrictions on third-party cookies in all browsers and changes in global privacy policies. Some specialists have even said that search engines don’t want you to pursue anything useful in the future. So it is important that you are able to recover some of your traffic data.

Perfect advertising messages

In 2021, getting your message across will become more important and more valuable to writing good ads than bad ones.

2021 will be the year where you need to focus again on who your customers are as people, and not just on data! Having the right person at the right time but with the wrong message is a completely missed opportunity. What drives that emotional connection and drives someone to get involved depends on the creative.

Hence, ad writing and running skills have never been more important.

Mobile experience is important

If brands are to be successful in 2021, they need an accessible website that will be a big focus over the next year. There are still so many brands out there that don’t have a website with a good mobile experience, and so many people have never visited their own website on a mobile device. So test and review the mobile experience, especially since so many people are using their mobile devices instead of using desktops, and it will continue to do so for the next year.

Rate how you report

You may have been using the same performance report for years. While it works well, it’s time to reevaluate your key PPC metrics and include this data in your reports. For example, this year Google removed the average position metric and is now proposing to use the search top impression rate or the absolute search top impression rate instead. Whether you use Google Ads or Microsoft Ads, both have overview pages with handy graphics if you need them quickly.

As you reevaluate your reports, consider whether you are still using the data, whether the information is actionable, and what new metrics you can add. It only makes sense to add new data if it is actionable and useful in making decisions about the account.

Hopefully, this quick guide has given you some insight into what PPC best practices will look like over the next year, and what trends and methodologies you should continue to implement by 2021.