Be Converted: Social Media Sensation Sister Kristy Takes You to Church, Her Way

Be Converted: Social Media Sensation Sister Kristy Takes You to Church, Her Way

Getting Converted: Social Media Sensation Sister Kristy brings you to church in her own way

from Adam

Sister Kristy, model and self-made influencer, is more than a pretty face and a sexy body. But let’s face it – she doesn’t mind if people admire the gifts that have been given to her. They are the reason for her overwhelming success on her Sister Kristy website. But don’t overlook their Insta account or Facebook page. They are equally arousing. It is safe to say that if Sister Kristy takes you to Church, you will be converted.

Sister Kristy is certainly a contradiction in terms, and she keeps her fans busy with an invitation to her website that says Come Sin with Me and that I’m a good Christian boldly at the top of her Instagram page. Hum … Sister Kristy sure knows how to intrigue, and that’s part of her hook. Just when you think she is defying everything that is sacred, you see that little glimmer in her eyes that tells you that she is just a small town girl with a heart of gold. In other words, she’s a good Christian – who just loves her body and is happy to share it with others who appreciate the finer things in life.

No doubt Sister Kristy is breaking the mold she was expected to be. She grew up in a small town in Canada and said she should go to school, get a good job, get married and have some kids. Her desire to be a social media sensation and a model shaped the Suzy Homemaker version of her life when she posted naughty photos online from 2016. And Sister Kristy never looked back and was never happier.

Sister Kristy initially wanted to reach 20,000 followers on Instagram. Working a regular 9 through 5, all taking their own photos, and diligently posting paid off eventually, but it was a daunting task. Proof that she has the right stuff, her popularity skyrocketed with photo gimmicks like Tub Tuesday and Fishnet Friday. And soon her racy photo shoots drove her 9 to 5 to the side of the road. She still takes her own photos, does her own hair and makeup, coordinates all of her outfits, and creates her own photo backgrounds and scenes. And by the looks of her popularity, she’s pretty darn good at promoting her best fortune. Oh, and about that Insta target – with diligence, patience and a lot of hard work, Sister Kristy destroyed it. Today it has over 122,000 followers. And if you’re not one of them, you’d better go see what you’re missing.

Even busy influencers like sister Kristy need a break from the maddening of work. However, you might be surprised at what she wants to do in her spare time. Of course she works out with her trainer, but she also loves hanging out with her cats and hamster when she has time to relax. Sister Kristy is a dedicated animal advocate and proud that she can use her fame to raise awareness for animals in need. She says her fans are the best because not only do they value their natural gifts, but they care about what’s important to them, like animals.

No doubt this 5’3 ”DD bomb knows its talents and it fought like hell to get where it is today. Sister Kristy, a self-made star, climbed this ladder of success all by herself. But it takes more than a pretty face and some fucking tits to do what she did. Sister Kristy has benefited from her sexy and fascinating personality for about a year from her beginnings to her official employment in her own company. But their appeal goes deeper. Her passion for animals and her undeniable strength to be where she is today add to her obvious assets. And let’s face it – who can resist a small town, a Christian girl who is a little naughty?