Are Twitch Streamers The New Philanthropists?

Are Twitch Streamers The New Philanthropists?

Ben Lupo, better known as DrLupo, will try to raise millions of dollars again this weekend … [+] during its Build Against Cancer livestream event.

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While many nonprofits shift their fundraising focus to peer-to-peer endeavors, tens of millions of dollars are being raised on Twitch by a new generation of joystick philanthropists.

Armed with a range of fundraising tools from Tiltify and millions of dedicated followers, professional gamers like DrLupo, Pestily and Nick28T emerge from their virtual universes and earn massive dividends for their favorite charities.

It’s a trend that both Tiltify and Twitch have seen flourishing for years.

“We have worked with Twitch since day one of Tiltify in 2014 and it continues to be a home to so many amazing and unique communities that we have identified as incredibly socially conscious and philanthropic,” said Michael Wasserman, CEO of Tiltify. “From big events like Yogscast Jingle Jam and Stream Aid to the power of every creator big or small, Twitch has been a massive platform for growth in the nonprofit industry. I am always excited about the generosity of these online communities. “

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Canadian Twitch inventor Nick28T has raised nearly $ 1 million for cancer research through his Twitch … [+] Streams.

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“Charity has always been an integral part of Twitch, a place where everyone can find a common sense of community that is as passionate about themselves as they are,” said Aly Sweetman, director of Creator Social Impact at Twitch . “Our creators at Twitch are committed to philanthropic activities regardless of their followers and across all categories.”

Gamer DrLupo – real name Ben Lupo – has used his annual Build Against Cancer charity stream to raise more than $ 3.68 million for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, according to Twitch. The third annual event takes place this weekend and features a who’s who of celebrity guests from across the spectrum, streamed to Lupo’s more than 4.4 million Twitch followers.

“Charity streams on Twitch are important to me because they give players the opportunity to band together for the common good,” said Lupo. “There are myriad wonderful reasons pioneer content creators advocate on all platforms, and being a part of them has only positive effects on the industry. It’s a chance to show that gaming is really good. “

Pestily (664,000 followers) is an Australian gamer whose charity stream campaign is called “Gaming for Sick Kids” and which benefits the Starlight Children’s Foundation. He raised A $ 1,214,918.72.

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Pestily donned a Santa Claus beard for a recent Twitch stream that grossed more than $ 90,000.

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“I come from a large family and have always wanted to help others – first through military service and work as a firefighter, and now through community building and fundraising for Twitch,” said Pestily – real name Paul – The Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia made a few personal friends Experienced with their help in difficult times. After doing some research of their own and believing in their goals, it was an easy decision to work with them for the year. Twitch teamed up with me My community has the opportunity to do something bigger than ourselves – to raise over $ 1.2 million in 2020.

Nick28T (1 million followers) – real name Nick Kahwaji – has used his following to raise CA $ 230,043.23 for the BC Cancer Foundation.

“Charity work was always important to me before I started streaming on Twitch. When the streaming started, I wanted to give back to charities that mean a lot to me, ”said Kahwaji. “Myself and my family have been and are still affected by cancer, so most of my charity efforts have been focused on cancer research organizations and treatment hospitals.”

A spokesman for Twitch said the company doesn’t share individual viewer data, but the platform reaches an average of 26.5 million viewers a day – a growing segment supports charitable causes through their viewership.

“After raising over $ 83 million for charity during this tumultuous year, we look forward to continuing to work closely with our developers to help them exceed their fundraising goals and support their favorite causes,” said Sweetman.

While fundraising has had a significant impact on beneficiaries’ nonprofits, creators have also made an impact on them personally.

“When I hear from people who are affected by my streams and stories, or who are now feeling connected to a community, streaming feels like the most valuable thing I’ve ever done,” Pestily said.