Adidas Blends Surreal, Satisfying Art and ASMR in a 12-Hour Video Starring Its New Shoe

Adidas Blends Surreal, Satisfying Art and ASMR in a 12-Hour Video Starring Its New Shoe

Adidas Originals created a rather bizarre 12 hour YouTube video with their new ZX sneaker and describes the extremely long work as typical of the “escapism content” that teenagers consume online.

The video on a channel titled “ZXience Network” contains a stream of “strangely satisfying” ASMR-like clips that only the trainer has in common. It was launched by Johannes Leonardo, named Adweek’s 2019 Breakthrough Agency of the Year, to capitalize on the trend towards surreal, absurd and “strangely satisfying” online content that “stimulates the senses” and is both calming and bizarre are.

The stream contains a number of weird videos, including a woman painting her face the style of the shoe and a shoe being stretched out as if it were made of some kind of rubbery substance. Adidas said on YouTube the clips “feel too good to explain” and are meant to “hypnotize the senses”.

It’s not the first foray into the brand’s internet culture. In August, Adidas in the UK jumped on the “Everything is Cake” meme with a hyper-realistic cake sneaker (in recent months social media has been flooded with pictures and videos of cakes that are convincingly designed to look like other objects. )

The shoe-shaped chocolate cakes were made to look just like a pair of Adidas Originals ZX 2K Boost sneakers. They are made from sponge cake covered with chocolate ganache, yellow buttercream, and orange flavored. Another pair of cake sneakers appears on the “ZXience Network” stream.

Here is the full 12 hour video:

An itch that you didn’t know you had

Ray Smiling, Creative Director at Johannes Leonardo, said the stream was “fascinating, calming, a little confusing and a little chaotic”.

“This is 100% all not supposed to be doing in advertising school,” he said. “It’s ‘slow television’ taken to the Nth grade by learning from commonly traded sub-Reddits and applying them to a slushy shoe. You could have the ZXN entirely on a second screen while you work during the day, or you could watch it at 2 a.m. to calm your mind. Either way, when you watch the ZX crush random objects under the force of a hydraulic press, it scratches an itch that you may not have known you had. “

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