7 Tips for Finding Success With Remote Selling


Although this spring’s move to remote working was originally intended to be temporary, many teams have chosen to work from home for the foreseeable future.

With this change comes a drastic change in the way companies need to approach their interactions with people outside the company, such as: B. Communicating with prospects to increase remote sales. Here are some simple tips your team members need to implement in order to keep your business running for success, just like in promoting.

Use video conferencing software to connect with your team members

When you work from home, it can be more difficult to stay on the same page with your team members. The regular setup of your office was probably designed to share ideas and conversations with colleagues. Eliminating most of the face-to-face conversations in the past six months has likely resulted in a decrease in engagement among your team members.

If your company has never used Zoom, Slack, or any other type of video conferencing software, incorporating weekly online meetings into your team members’ regular remote work schedules may be the next best thing to have face-to-face conversations to get your team members talking to each other in Stay in touch and work together to come up with new ideas to increase remote sales.

Talk to potential customers in the morning

One of the most important tips for working from home successfully is sticking to your regular schedule as much as possible. This strategy also applies to choosing the most effective times to connect with your prospects. Many people feel best able to make important decisions early in the morning before they are distracted by other things. This is especially true for new remote workers.

Often times, when you connect with your prospects first thing in the morning, they’ll be more willing to talk to you, less distracted by email, social media, kids needing help with distance learning, and other challenges at work at home and ready to make a purchase decision instead of postponing the conversation until the next day.

Be personal to get in touch with your potential customers

If you can’t meet your prospects in person, it can become more difficult to get in touch with them and convince them that your product or service can benefit them. However, modern technology means you no longer have to just try to get to know someone through emails or phone calls.

When you meet with your prospects through Zoom, you can have real-time face-to-face conversations with them. These chats don’t even have to be limited to business-related topics. A simple question about the interests of the person you’re speaking to or how their week went can help you make connections beyond just selling.

When you can see you and the products you describe, you appear more real and approachable to your potential customers than someone they’ve just spoken to over the phone or via email.

Create a professional, dedicated workspace

Remote work means that it can be difficult to keep a firm line between work and personal life. Setting up a home office, or at least a desk that you only use for work purposes, can help you find the right mindset when it’s time to start work each day.

A tidy, professional workspace can also help you do remote sales, especially if you meet your prospects virtually through Zoom or another video conferencing platform. Customers who see you are professionally dressed and have a clean background, even if you work from home, are often more likely to consider what you are saying when deciding whether or not they care about what you are selling.

Take regular breaks

Working from home can easily make you feel like you are not productive when you are not working. This can make it more difficult or less natural to take a break than in the office. However, it’s important that you take regular breaks to avoid burnout. Successful distance selling depends on being able to get your customers excited about the products your business is selling. This can be more difficult when you are bored with what you are doing.

Stay organized

Nothing catches a prospect faster than a disorganized salesperson, and staying organized at home can be more challenging than ever. To avoid losing customer information, missing important virtual meetings, or appearing otherwise unprofessional, develop and adhere to a system that works for you.

Whether you want to use Google Calendar, a whiteboard near your computer, or a traditional paper planner, write down important dates to keep track of all the tasks you need to do every day. Similarly, make sure papers and digital files are well organized so that you can always find all the information a customer needs.

Track your customers’ interactions with your communication

By tracking how each of your prospects responds to each type of communication, you can tell if they are about to buy or if you are about to lose interest. Keeping track of when customers open the emails you send or visit your website can provide valuable information that can help you determine your next steps that are most likely to lead to a sale.

At WEBITMD, we pride ourselves on helping our customers find ways to improve their marketing strategies and increase sales.

While your company’s day-to-day operations are likely to be very different this fall than they have been in the past, if you prioritize remote sales over in-person sales for the foreseeable future, there are some simple steps you can take to continue to thrive.

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