62% Of Americans Will Participate In GivingTuesday 2020—One Way Or Another

62% Of Americans Will Participate In GivingTuesday 2020—One Way Or Another

#GivingTuesday is set for Tuesday December 1st, 2020.


Fifty-nine percent of adults in the United States believe in the concept of GivingTuesday, according to a new poll by Piplsay.

The survey also found that 62% of all respondents intend to attend GivingTuesday 2020 in one way or another, despite the socio-economic challenges arising from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

34 percent of respondents said they would make more contributions this year than in previous years, while another 35 percent said their contributions would stay the same. When asked who they would donate to this year, 37% said they preferred a small local charity, while only 17% said they would prefer a large national or global nonprofit.

For a preferred charitable cause, 24% said they would provide food and shelter. 15% said children / young people (rights / health / education); 12% said health and safety; 11% said animals and wildlife; 9% said religion.

46 percent of donors said they would avoid the nonprofit path: 24 percent said they would donate directly to vulnerable individuals or small businesses, while 22 percent said they would donate to frontline workers or associated groups.

When it comes to monetary donations, the gender gap was wide: of those who said they would donate money, 63% were men.

However, American contributions won’t just be monetary – in fact, more respondents (28%) said they would give groceries / staples / gifts than money (20%). Community service accounted for 14%, while 16% said they would not attend this year. About 1 in 5 – 22% – said they did not take part in the GivingTuesday.

The poll, conducted October 24-25, reached 28,730 Americans.