5 of the Best Alternative Black Friday Campaigns

5 of the Best Alternative Black Friday Campaigns

Black Friday alternative campaigns are a great way to get your brand out there on social media.

With growing awareness of consumption and its impact on the environment, brands need to get creative with their campaign ideas for Black Friday.

And with the full switch to digital this year, it’s time to try something new.

In this blog post we introduce you to 5 alternative Black Friday campaigns and how you can use them to inspire you for your 2020 vacation strategy.

The postponement of Black Friday campaigns

To call Black Friday one of the biggest shopping events of the year is an understatement – in 2019, consumers spent $ 7.4 billion online.

While digital shopping has seen tremendous growth in recent years, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this even further as many brick and mortar stores have closed.

But even if some stores reopen, brands will have to adjust their Black Friday strategies to reflect the “new normal”.

Instead of the typical Black Friday “One Day Only: 40% Off” promotion, brands could take a more creative approach.

Whether you’re donating money to a local nonprofit or extending sales beyond a weekend, alternate Black Friday campaigns are a great way to promote your brand, raise awareness, and potentially attract new customers.

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Alternative Black Friday Campaigns No. 1: REI’s “Opt Outside”

REI has been closed on Black Friday since 2015. Instead, their #OptOutside campaign encourages people to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

According to REI, “we get some air in the open air, find some rest and feel human again. And that is more important today than ever. “

And while the campaign was originally created for Black Friday, the hashtag #OptOutside is widely used on Instagram (over 16 million posts!) To create a digital community of adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Take that away?

REI has been associated with the hashtag #OptOutside, and the campaign’s longevity cemented it as the go-to place for outdoor apparel.

TIP: Create a branded hashtag for your campaign. You can use it to collect user-generated content for future posts and strengthen the community feeling around your brand.

Alternative Black Friday Campaign No. 2: Deciem’s ​​”Shop Slow”

For Black Friday in 2019, skin care company Deciem closed all its stores and blacked out its website: “We no longer feel comfortable being involved in a single day so hyperconsuming.”

Instead, Deciem encouraged their community to “shop slowly” – every product was on sale for the entire month of November.

By extending the Black Friday promotion, Deciem was able to reward customers by removing time pressures and allowing their audience to shop more carefully.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Alternative Black Friday Campaigns # 3: Patagonia’s Donation

Outdoor clothing company Patagonia (a later user!) Is known for its alternative Black Friday campaigns.

In 2011 their “Don’t Buy This Jacket” campaign raised awareness of consumerism and was used in many marketing case studies.

But in 2016, Patagonia got bigger. They promised to donate all of their Black Friday sales to grassroots organizations in local communities.

And the results were huge – the campaign generated $ 10 million in sales!

Former CEO Rose Marcario stated, “We were expecting sales of $ 2 million. We exceeded this expectation five times. “

Patagonia prides itself on its environmental commitment, and consumers are drawn to brands on purpose.

By incorporating a donation aspect into your Black Friday campaign, your audience can feel comfortable shopping and turn new customers into lifelong advocates.

TIP: Keep your community informed during Black Friday using Later’s Linkin.bio feature. It can help drive clicks to information about the initiatives you support.

Alternative Black Friday Campaign No. 4: Kotn’s “Flip The Switch”

The fashion brand Kotn is known for its quality features and ethical products. And on Black Friday they do something different.

Instead of going on sale, Kotn is donating profits made between Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday to build elementary schools in Egypt.

Why Egypt? Because this is where the cotton for your products is grown.

While no actual discounts are offered, not going on sale is necessarily not necessarily a problem. 71% of Millennials pay more for a product knowing that some of the proceeds will go to charity.

The “Flip the Switch” campaign enables Kotn to stand out from other fashion brands and put a cause they support in the spotlight.

TIP: Black Friday doesn’t just have to be about increasing sales, it can also be used as an extension to support your brand’s values.

Black Friday alternative campaign idea # 5: MeUndies’ virtual event

Virtual events have grown in popularity this year, but in 2016 MeUndies hosted a two-hour Facebook Live event for Black Friday.

The more people joined, the more discounts and specials were unlocked by MeUndies.

And it was a success. With over 13,000 viewers, they converted at a rate of 25% – the average conversion rate of 13x MeUndies!

What makes this different from typical Black Friday campaigns?

It adds a layer of fun! Your community will love the exclusivity and she can help them connect with each other.

With many brands moving online this year, hosting a creative virtual event can help you stand out.

TIP: Virtual events can bring your community together – be it a Facebook Live or a private Zoom chat. Do you need help? Check out these virtual event ideas.

If you’re thinking about Black Friday marketing strategies this year, get these campaigns for inspiration!

Alternative Black Friday campaigns are not only fun, but they can also help you give back to the community, increase brand awareness, or drive sales in new and creative ways.

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