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Jan 14

Working with an experienced research company puts you in a perfect condition to have a research experience that meets your unique objectives like no other. At Slice MR, we are a professional quantitative research company with the skill and ability to deliver a result-oriented service that puts you in a perfect position to get quality data, making you better placed to make the right decisions. The processes and procedures guide us toward offering quality Quantitative Research Provider services with minimal or no hitches. Also, we have a readily available team to guide you throughout the research process and meet your unique needs. 

We provide you with available project managers.

Project managers help significantly in the research process since they manage it and play a significant role in achieving success. At Slice MR, we provide project managers that are readily available throughout the project phase. The Online Panel Companies project managers work closely with you to test the survey and guide you, responding to your concerns and offering their guidance where necessary. The programming phase, the third phase of the project execution, takes up to 2-3 days depending on survey complexity. 

Clients are actively involved in the research process.

At Slice MR, we offer a transparent and customer-centered service which has made it possible to win the trust of every client we work with. Through our staff and project managers, we guide you accordingly in every aspect of the research, and clients receive a test link once the programming phase is completed. The test link marks the end of the Online Survey Panels programming phase and the commencement of the third phase, known as pre-launch and client testing. 

We endeavor to achieve customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is one of our guiding principles at Slice MR, enabling us to offer quality services to our clients. During the pre-launch and client testing phase, we work with you and execute every change that makes the research process simple and effective until you are satisfied with the survey. 

We do everything possible to get quality data.

At Slice MR, we work tirelessly to ensure that the research process results are perfect. The moment we receive the B2B Surveys test link sign-off, we commence the final preparations to launch, and a reports link gets built within a few hours. The process is very critical before the data collection process. Call us today for remarkable Survey Programming services. 

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