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Dec 22
 Are you wondering what the one key to success is when it comes to networking for business?
 There's no secret! The combination of this four essential networking of BNI principles can boost your bottom line.

  1. Be selective.

 The first step is to be very selective about who you bring into your circle of business network relationships. Your network should include business professionals who possess a positive and supportive attitude. You also want professionals who excel at doing what they do.
 The quality of your relationships is the key to a successful network. If your network is a mile wide and an inch in depth, you won't be getting the kind of referrals you'd like to receive. Therefore, it is important to build lasting relationships with your partners who refer you to them over an extended period of time, if you wish to get more business.

  2. Always add new people to your network.

 There is a dramatic relationship between the size of a good group and the number of referrals that are generated by that group.
 The potential number of business referral connections in your network is the same as the actual number of people in the network. When you start to build your network of connections to refer others, keep in mind that the greater the number, the more beneficial. The bottom line is that you'll be able to bring in more referrals when you are connected to more people (based on quality relationships). The math is quite significant and consistent.

  3. Seek engagement.

 Engagement is a promise and a step. In order to achieve success in your relationships with others both you and your connections should agree to help each other and take the actions required to fulfill the promise.
 There are a variety of ways you can get involved. Have you made the effort to meet regularly with members of your network? Have you also educated them on the key elements of your company so that your products or services will be in their minds when they meet with people who have a need for them? Also, have you gotten yourself educated on the most important features of their businesses in order to help you accomplish the same?
 The more people in your network engaged in these activities the more likely they will be to be able to create significant referrals.

  4. Share stories.

 Being attentive to the information provided by the people who are part of your referral network will help you to tell positive stories about them when you think of opportunities to recommend them. Regularly meeting with your network contacts can help you tell stories about referrals and vice versa.
 Stories that inspire people to act. Telling stories is an essential part of creating your network and earning more referrals. Stories can be more persuasive than statistics.

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