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Feb 1

Everything You Need to Know About Brand Activations

Brand activation is an essential way to meaningfully engage with people, gain invaluable insights and drive sales. Our formula for success? It’s all about “Connecting the Moment." In our quest of connecting consumers through meaningful experiences that create a lasting impression on them - we take it one step further by adding value so they can immediately connect their thoughts back into what you're saying!
On top if this being able use these interactions as opportunities in which your brand will become more memorable due its ability not only.

Brand Activations help brands connect with people in a meaningful way and gain valuable insights. The goal is “Create & Connect the Moment”, which can be accomplished by creating an experience or product that will leave customers feeling excited about your business whenever they think back on it later at home after reading this passage from our website: "You were there!"
The tone should still remain happy even though we're talking about how important these activate

What are brand activations?

Think about it. When you started your business, no one knew who YOU were or what YOUR brand stood for - You had nothing to offer but a lonely few customers sitting on their couches scratching heads wondering why they bought from someone with such an unpronounceable name! But now? People can't stop talking about how great everything tastes thanks in large part due our amazing team efforts here at Company Name so let me tell ya- this is totally worth all those late nights

However, don’t confuse brand activation with more pedestrian branding strategies. After all, what’s the purpose of all brand strategies: to build awareness and connect with the audience.

Brand activation is different. It’s not the passive accrual of customers and recognition. Instead, it’s a business showcasing its brand to the world through a specific campaign or event. It’s the flash in the dark. The kick-ass guitar solo. The headline performance. It’s a brand in total control, creatively demonstrating who and what they are.

Think about Apple’s annual tech launches. A local bakery hosting a Bake-Off Competition. Or a charity, launching a digital marketing campaign across social media.

In short: think big!

Why is brand activation so important?

The point of a brand activation is that it’s not just about the product. It's really all about you and your company! Whether we're talking fun or creative, there are many ways for brands to get people hooked on their fantastic services—and keep them coming back again later in time when they need help with something else entirely different from what has happened before (whatever THAT may be).

98% of people feel inclined to purchase a brand's products following an activation. Despite the time and effort required, only 1 out 10 businesses can boast this same feat!
A strong connection with your audience will help you grow as many customers are waiting on line for what they know is coming next from YOU - so take my word when I say that creating these types off emotions isn't easy but it pays dividends in spades later down road...and now might not be too soon before we get started :)

The key steps in a brand activation strategy

“We all understand. Brand activations are awesome! But how do they work? What you need to do is simple: define your brand and then get out there with an activation strategy that will help people find YOU in the marketplace."

Know your audience and you will be able to tailor a marketing campaign that resonates with them. For example, 72% of customers prefer when marketers get creative in their messaging because it makes the message more memorable (Henderson).
"Who doesn't love being engaged by an interesting ad or post?"

Here are a few questions you might want to ask yourself: What am I good at and where do my strengths lie? Is there anything about the brand that will put people off orcseryone who doesn’t like what they sell on their website (i.e., if it looks spammy)? Amay improved upon by making some changes such as adding more information in an easy-to follow format so prospective buyers know exactly where everything goes when installing onto devices

We all want our messages and customers to resonate with them, but it's not always easy. Luckily we have professionals like Isilumko on speed dial who can help us out! He'll review what kind of activation would work best for you based off your brand message as well as who these people are (and where they hangout). So give him a call today- he might be able make some suggestions that will change everything...maybe even start an entirely new campaign from scratch if needed ;)

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