17 of the Most Creative ‘Meet the Team’ Pages We’ve Ever Seen

17 of the Most Creative 'Meet the Team' Pages We've Ever Seen

Anything can be a bit overwhelming for a prospect looking for a new service provider. It’s easy to ask: Who are the real people behind all the smoke and mirrors?

Adding a “Meet the Team” page or section to your website is an easy and effective way to give your business an accessible face. It gives prospects an idea of ​​who exactly they will be working with and shows prospects that you are proud of those on your team.

Be inspired as these companies introduce visitors to their most important creative resource: their employees.

Creative “Meet the Team” pages

  1. Yokel Local
  2. Digital jam
  3. CloudHorizon
  4. Bolden
  5. Rock Kitchen Harris
  6. FCINQ
  7. Zulu Alpha Kilos
  8. Stink digital
  9. Drexler
  10. Matchstic
  11. Live chat
  12. Etsy
  13. Atlassian
  14. The correspondent
  15. SmartBug media
  16. Blueleadz
  17. Media Junction

1. Yokel Local

Yokel Local is a Platinum HubSpot Agency Partner that positions itself as an extension of its clients’ marketing teams. Because of this, they showcase the staff to highlight the people behind the brand.

What I like about this special “Meet the Team” page is the matching blue backgrounds and the cool palette. The grid design gives a modern feel. Clicking one of the faces will open a box with more information about the team member, including their bio, login information, and social profiles.

Yokel Local meet the team side

2. Digital jam

Since most employee bios read a lot like a list of statistics (“10 years in the industry … 4 years in the company … managed 80 website redesign projects …”), the employees at Digital Jam decided for a little fun with the format.

Every employee at the London-based marketing agency has a trading card-style profile detailing their actual marketing accomplishments and personal facts, as well as their fictional superhero skills.

It’s a quirky twist that gives visitors a colorful snapshot of the agency’s team, highlighting both their immersive experience and friendly culture.

Digital jams hit the team side

3. CloudHorizon

CloudHorizon is a mobile product development company. On their About page, they say, “Some of the more rewarding projects we’ve been honored to be involved in started with simple ideas and grew profitable businesses from the ground up.”

With that in mind, the “Meet Our Team” section is a great way to illustrate this idea. Hovering over a picture of a team member will flip their thumbnail to reveal a photo from their childhood with a little caption of what they wanted to be as adults. The idea is that it takes time and innovation to become great things.

cloudhorizon's meet the team side

4. Bolden

Bolden’s team bios are more conventional than some of the others on this list, but what they lack in invention they more than make up for in style.

Hovering your mouse over each team member’s picture creates a brightly colored stacked card effect showing short employee biographies in coordinated fonts. This is a great example of a minimal, accessible “Meet the Team” page that manages to look cool and introduce the faces behind the agency without being over the top.

Boldens meet the team side

5. Rock Kitchen Harris

Rock Kitchen Harris, a full-service agency, has decided to skip the photos entirely and instead showcase the cartoon versions of their staff.

Each employee of the English agency had their own cartoon made, and each one has a different personality. While some employees opted for visuals reminiscent of LinkedIn profile pictures, others got a little creative and disguise themselves as Ewoks and other characters.

Rock Kitchen Harris meet the team side


FCINQ, a creative studio, introduces its team to us with a collage of colorful bubbles.

Hovering the mouse pointer over an employee’s individual circle creates an enlarged effect, and clicking it expands the headshot with the name and social profiles. The splashy setup is a stylish alternative to the expected rows of team photos and names.

fcinq hit the team side

7. Zulu Alpha Kilos

This Canadian agency presents its founding team with a refreshing comedic flair. While many agency managers choose to portray themselves with stoic business portraits, the three leaders of Zulu Alpha Kilo opted for playful photos and cheeky biographies.

Here is an excerpt from the biography of Marcus Alpha – the agency’s “Ultra Chief Creative Director Officer”:

Marcus has a reputation for advancing his creative teams further than any other creative director. He makes her work late at night, on weekends, and during the holidays to pursue this truly groundbreaking creative idea. And when they finally crack it after weeks of exhausting and ungrateful work, Marcus will stand triumphantly in front of the customer and present it as an idea he had in the shower that morning instead.
zulu alpha kilo who we are page

8. Stink Digital

We love this expertly coordinated slideshow from the team at Stink Digital.

This creative agency has offices in five major cities around the world – including New York, Paris and Berlin – but a personal “Meet the Team” area gives their company an accessible advantage. They don’t call themselves “a global company with a local flair” for nothing.

stink digital personnel page

9. Drexler

This “Meet the Team” section from Drexler is perfect proof that you don’t necessarily need a full page introducing your employees – just a small section can do the trick.

Located at the bottom of the About page for the Baltimore, Maryland-based agency, this simple but sophisticated team member marquee adds a welcome personal touch to their website.

Drexler meet the team department

10. Matchstic

As a brand agency, Matchstic knows how important identity, creativity and individuality are.

The “Who We Are” section on the info page not only provides that identity by highlighting the human element of your brand, it also shows your creative side. As you hover your mouse over each thumbnail, a goofy illustration is superimposed on the photo.

In addition, the custom cursor, which only appears on the Info page, is a powerful callback for the Matchstic brand and implies kinetic energy that starts when a match is lit.

matchstic who we are page

11. LiveChat

LiveChat, an AI customer service and chatbot solution, approached the Meet the Team page in a completely different way. Instead of just listing the roles and experiences of each team member, they created a photo for each team member that is conceptual, fun, and metaphorical about who they are.

This is extremely effective in demonstrating the uniqueness of their team and forces the website visitor to get the team to look at every picture and read every bio, resulting in longer time on the page, an important metric for commitment.

Live chat meet the team side

12. Etsy

Many large companies do without the “Meet the Team” page because there are so many team members that there is no point in viewing them all.

At Etsy, however, they honor all the people who make the popular online marketplace possible with a tiled “People Board” that rolls for days.

etsy hit the team page

13. Atlassian

Atlassian, a company behind many of the software solutions used by companies around the world, features photos of their team on its People page, interacts in the office, and works hard.

Below they present their management team with colorful headshots that break out of colorful background fields. Hovering over it brings up attractive vector graphics that relate to the person’s unique role. Also, when you click, a pop-up with social icons and a bio will appear. What is particularly interesting is that there is also the option of downloading the headshot, so that the “People” page offers an additional benefit for media professionals.

atlassian meet the team side

14. The correspondent

The correspondent is an organization that delivers news without scare tactics or financial gain. In true journalistic style, the site presents each team member in a beautifully rendered cartoon style that gives the site an artistic feel.

Clicking on each thumbnail will take the website visitor to a place where they can subscribe to that particular author and view a feed of his articles. Best of all, the individual’s mission is shown at the top and the contact information is shown in the sidebar.

The correspondent meets the team side

15. SmartBug media

SmartBug is a HubSpot Agency partner with a team spread across the US. They are demonstrating their acceptance of remote working by adding an interactive map with the locations of all of their employees.

You can also browse the team below and click each headshot for an advanced BIOS that has two interesting facts about each team member.

Smartbug hit the team side

16. Bluleadz

What better way to convey your team’s personality than having your favorite gifs hovering over your mouse? That is exactly what the digital marketing agency Bluleadz does. You can almost imagine these people in the scenarios their gifs represent.

Another unique feature of this Meet the Crew page is the ability to filter Bluleadz employees by role. Each button below corresponds to a team and shows the people who are “making the magic” in that part of the business.

bluleadz meet the crew side

17. Media Junction

Brave, blocky splashes of color? Yes, please. HubSpot Elite Agency partner Media Junction displays the team’s thumbnails on a solid background with vector shadows. Every photo is a bit silly and a lot of them bring their furry friends into the picture.

Additionally, the executive team’s thumbnails are clickable so you can read more about them and even message them for more information.

Media Junction meet the team side

Meet the Team sites are resonating because people love to buy from real people, not faceless brands. It is recommended that you determine what your brand stands for and create a “Meet the Team” and “About” page that conveys this in the best possible way.

free of charge about us page examples

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in December 2016 and has been updated for completeness.