14 Exceptional OOH Campaigns; Nelly and Budweiser Celebrate St. Louis: Tuesday’s First Things First

14 Exceptional OOH Campaigns; Nelly and Budweiser Celebrate St. Louis: Tuesday's First Things First

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Adweeks 2020 Out-of-Home Impact Awards honor Klarna, Koalas and Comedy Central

It’s the age of OOH advertising again: 45% of Americans say they experience more outdoor advertising during the pandemic, and 68% say they turn off digital ads due to screen fatigue. That’s why Adweek recognizes the best of the best in OOH ads with the Out-of-Home Impact Awards, which recognize 14 campaigns by brands and nonprofits. The winners – including a Klarna mural for dogs, stuffed koalas in trees to fight forest fires, and doomsday countdown billboards promoting good omens – are recognized for their craft, strategy and innovation.

Check out the winners: Marvel at the largest rooftop display ever.

Budweiser, Nelly celebrate St. Louis and Country Grammar

This summer marked the 20th anniversary of Nelly’s hit album, Country Grammar, which played an important role in putting his hometown of St. Louis on the rap map. Anheuser-Busch, who is also from St. Louis and previously worked with Nelly, has released a limited edition can with the artist “Country Grammar” and nods to St. Louis.

Home pride: The initiative aims to give the city more recognition.

Streamers see civic engagement as a way to stand out during election season

While the presidential debates and town halls rage, streamers are joining the action to attract fans but to encourage voter registration. For example, HBO Max aired a West Wing Reunion Special and made a donation to When We All Vote by WarnerMedia. Similarly, Amazon Prime Video released the documentary All In: The Struggle for Democracy, which focused on the suppression of voters and which was marketed with a voter registration and education initiative.

Vote streaming: Learn why streamers think it’s important to be part of the movement.

Also in streaming news: Apple TV + has exactly what your holiday season needed: classic – and brand new – antics from Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts gang.

Premium | The pandemic has proven that luxury is not about products, it is about connections

Luxury brands are facing a particularly challenging market amid the pandemic as consumers spend less and focus on what is essential. Talking to experts and brands about how to cope in a time when “opulence is over,” Adweek noted that the thriving luxury gamblers say the key to survival is relationship building and e-commerce to rock.

The Secrets of the Swank: Discover 3 luxury hours from the pandemic.

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How an agency overcomes “disarray” with its bookstore campaign, which is trolling Amazon

Last week, an initiative by the American Booksellers Association attracted worldwide attention with its nationwide campaign on Amazon. The keen and clever #BoxedOut movement included storefront takeovers that mirrored the e-commerce giant’s boxes and messages like “Buy books from people who want to sell books, don’t colonize the moon”. Brooklyn-based agency DCX Growth Accelerator spoke to Adweek about the latest campaign and how it enabled these bookstores to challenge Amazon.

Within the project: Bookstore fans are a savvy, intellectual group, and the customer urged us to do it, with a little wink and an ironic approach.

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