10 reasons to use emoji in your push notifications.

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Emoji could be a huge part of today’s online and mobile experience, whether you want it or not. Emojis have become an important part of our expression when sending a text or after chatting with friends, etc. Most people have found it improved thanks to communication. There are many advantages to using these terms when sending push notifications. An honest practice to improve your open rate is to include emojis in an excessive web push notification. Remember to determine the improving push notification subscription rate for your website.

Many people’s decisions are more influenced by emotions than facts. Seeing these small positive pictures can create a nice association and affect the user’s emotions.

Adding emoji characters to your push notifications is straightforward. However, we see that some of our users are not making use of this nice little feature. If you haven’t already been using emoji in your push notifications, now is the time to do so.


Here are a few reasons why you should include emoji in your push notifications:

1. Emojis Boost Push Notification Open Rates

Emojis can increase the opening rates in push notifications. Lean Plum and App Annie took a look at the open rates of push notifications with and without emojis. And unexpectedly, they found the pros to use emojis in push notifications on the top. Mobile marketers can increase the open rate of their push notifications by 85 percent by including emojis.

Standard push notifications are only opened 2.44 percent of the time. Push notifications that contain an emoji open at a much higher rate: 4.51 percent. This helps mobile app publishers or marketers improve user and customer engagement and is a huge step on the way to monetization.

Push notifications open installmentsImage from Leanplum

2. Emojis help improve customer service

Emojis have proven to be one of the most productive means of non-verbal communication and thus contribute to customer loyalty. It denotes a spread of emotions that can communicate properly through live chat, social media, etc.

Emojis should be used in customer service because they help indicate empathy, create personalized communication, reduce negative responses, and connect with millennials.

Emojis became an appropriate communication style. By including emojis in your push notification messages, your users will feel like it is a more personalized message and that they are replying to it.

3. Helps improve marketing campaigns

Push notifications help to improve your marketing campaign. A mention of how Taco and Dominos used emojis as part of their marketing strategy are live examples. But they, other biggies like Coke, Burger King, Mentos, IKEA, and even the Pope have their emojis that have helped them improve their ad campaigns.

Popular brands like RetailMeNot, PINK NATION, GIF Keyboard etc. have proven that using emojis in notifications generates more clicks and therefore more leads.

4. Emojis Increase brand awareness

Emojis are great graphics that last longer and leave a lasting impression on the user’s mind. Using them in your push notifications will strengthen your brand. Yes! Emojis help to increase brand awareness. Emojis can do a great job of boosting your brand’s top-of-the-mind recall among your users and turning them into brand advocates. Nowadays, all brands use emoji marketing to get great results.

For example, Disney used emojis to expand brand exposure. Dominos had customers use a pizza slice emoji to order Baskin Robbins to include frozen dessert cone emojis in their tweets. So when you send push notifications with emojis, your brand is alternately strengthened and brand awareness increased.

5. Emojis save space and time

Push notification messages just have less character space to deliver a message. Hence, getting the right message across with limited text is sometimes a difficult task. This is often the case when emojis include your rescue. You save space and time.

If you use emoji characters instead of words, make your text shorter and put more words on the primary line of your push message (remember that multiple users won’t read the entire push notification and instead just briefly examine the primary line) .


6. Emojis can beat pictures

A messaging A / B test of images versus emojis was conducted by Canvas, a drag-and-drop design app, in partnership with Lean Plum. The result showed that emojis are powerful enough and can outperform images by 9%. Instead of using pictures in your push notification, keep experimenting with emojis when sending push messages. The sky is the limit when it comes to emoji engagement.


7. It saves, increases and improves user loyalty

According to the information coined by Kissmetrics, the retention rate is increased to twenty and the number increases sevenfold when it comes to personalized push messages.

Another app conducted an experiment with emoji push notifications, which we analyzed in our report. For US users on Android smartphones, the retention rate increased 28% on the second day. If users collaborate with your app from the start, they are more likely to stay around. We found that if you can increase the retention for the first 10 days after installation, you increase retention for the entire first month.

Increase emojishttps://blog.hubspot.com/hs-fs/hubfs/leanplum-data-4.png?width=621&height=259&name=leanplum-data-4.png

8. Less text, easier to read

One of the explanations why emojis are popular with users is that they convey a lot more words than the respective words. Emoticons are small pictures so easy to remember, convenient to use, and appointing multiple emojis can make the message more engaging. Including emojis in your notifications can greatly improve readability while using less text. Users don’t have time to read long notifications, and your goal is to allow them to get your messages at a glance, too.

Push notificationhttps://toappdevelop.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/emoji-push-notifications-sample-600×308.png

9. Android users are demonstrating the next addiction to emojis

If you’re an Android developer, emojis can single-handedly take your engagement strategy to the next level. The impact of emojis on app engagement is more amazing in Android than it is in iOS. Android users enjoy the visual pleasure of emojis more because push notifications stay on the notification screen longer in Android.

In numbers, push notifications with emojis opened 50% in iOS versus the same old messages, while in Android there was a whopping 135% increase.

andriod and ios push notifications Image from Leanplum

10. Increases customer loyalty

In 2016, the use of emojis by marketers to increase customer loyalty had increased by 108%. Pretty much 100 emojis have been added for the same ones, including the rainbow flag, the David Bowie tribute, gender options, family representations, etc. Emojis play an important role when it comes to social media. Statistical reports from social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. show that this improves communication. Given that 92% of internet users use emojis when sending messages and graphics, it has more of an impact on people than on plain text. There’s no question that emojis encourage customer loyalty.

Use the right emojis for your audience while sending push messages and it will make it easier for you to connect emotionally with the users.


Users are always asking for content to keep them busy. It is therefore very important to make sure that push notifications are sent that trigger them and that seem to resonate with emotions on a private and large scale. We saw how effective emojis were in conveying emotions and connecting with users. They offer many better options than just plain text that we were used to in push notifications. Always be clear along with your message, the emojis you are using and it should be relevant.

Emojis in push notification messages can help convey the primary impression with buyers and give your drive higher open rates, more conversions, and also better connections with your user.